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    I download a lot of youtube channel videos i.e. 300-1000 videos at a time and all I want is any audio format preferably with the quality you get from watching in 720p but lower is fine. I was wondering if M4A is quicker than MP4 as I assume it is only downloading the audio instead of downloading then converting.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Mr.Anon. Thanks for the report. M4A is a file extension for an audio file encoded with advanced audio coding (AAC). M4A (High Definition) file quality is better and file sizes smaller compared to MP3 files. M4A files sound better than MP3 files when encoded at the same bit rate due to some of the enhancements made to the format. Read more about it, by clicking here.

    For the best audio quality while using our Free YouTube to MP3 Converter I suggest you using this combination of presets:
    You should choose and activate the following options and presets for input:
    Go to Menu Tools > Options > General;
    Activate "Detect all video formats for each download (slow)" option;
    Change the input presets: choose "M4A", it has the best quality of audio for your YouTube video.
    In the main window of our program choose or change the output presets to "Original - Extract original audio".
    This is the combination of presets for the best output audio using our program.
    This combination has been analyzed and approved by our developers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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