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    on super long videos. example –
    does not do it all the time but is doing it ALLOT of the time. These links do not stay valid forever.
    This is the main reason I paid for this. Thx

    -Paid account is not under the email associate with this account.
    I could not find place to make new account or change email for forum.



    Edit – Apparently for whatever reason it takes allot more time for downloader to detect extra formats. It works now, just has to wait longer. (this time around it took approx 30 minutes) On the side note, it would be very nice to simply record the stream into some sort of TS format.



    Hi! It seems that you’re using the older version.
    The detection should work correctly on the actual build>
    1. First uninstall all our programs:
    Click Start → All Programs → DVDVideoSoft → Uninstall (check the box ‘Select all’)
    2. Download and install Free YouTube Download

    If the problem still persists, contact the support specialist via Help desk please.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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