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    I have downloaded a few videos to use in a PowerPoint presentation. They work fine on my desktop computer, which runs Windows 7 64-bit, even when loading them directly from a flashdrive I've put the presentation and files on. However, when I go to play the presentation on any other computer, including other Windows 7 computers, an error message occurs, informing me that the file is "corrupt" or otherwise unplayable. I have downloaded the videos in .wmv format. Is there some sort of one-computer licensing that occurs upon download? If so, how can I get these videos to be playable on all machines I put the videos onto? I will not be able to use my desktop computer at the presentation I need the videos for.

    Thank you,


    Hi Carter, be sure DVDVideoSoft programs produce perfectly playable output. This is just a matter of codecs (no any one computer licensing restrictions). In fact you can create very-very-compatible videos by choosing AVI or MPEG-4 (not H.264) output preset. I'm sure the 'other' computer has no any codec pack installed. You probably know that Windows has very poor default codec set.
    Don't hesitate to write on any question. In fact, you have pointed out to some gap in my knowledge (thank you for that) - I don't know which preset is recommended to use for creation of configuration-independent output. I have to make some tests, please wait a bit.


    Dear Carter,
    Would you please register at our Help Desk and submit a request. Please specify what quality you choose for the output video and write if you use NVIDIA or ATI technologies. Please in Subject put: "For Adria from Carter, Forum 5693"

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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