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    Now I can't used the new version when re-installed the latest version, sad to said, i give up :(



    ... We always had the ability to be able to download programs individually, but some of us prefer to download the “Free Studio”.
    ... You are still advertising to download Free Studio and get 50+ programs in one package on your Web Site, so let’s see it back.
    ... I know you don’t use every program all the time BUT when you need any of the least often used programs you don’t want to have to interrupt the flow of what you are doing to waste time downloading that individual program when you can get them “all-in-one” with Free Studio!
    ... I think the general consensus is to bring back the full complement of programs to Free Studio remembering you were the ones who set the excellent standard!
    ... As the old saying goes: ”Don’t try to fix it if it ain’t broke!!!”

    ... Meantime, I to will be going back to the old version but don’t let that stop you from bring Free Studio 6 3 6 716 back to reality!

    ... As a Premium User I formally request that the full 50+ programs be brought back to Free Studio Download!


    For some reason everytime I download a music from the youtube mp3 converter 3.6 I get the audio and the image seperately downloaded. The quality of the image that was downloaded with the music is very bad (blurry) but the music itself is fine. A minor problem but I really liked that I could have songs with high quality images.


    This interface is too ugly for me. I'm going to try an older version and if that does this immoral ,background downloading unwanted updates, my , up to now, positive experience of DVD soft is ending. I'll find another program. Terrible update.


    Last time i used this program, the artwork was in appropriate size .
    But recent version of the program its artwork is too small so its quality is low.
    I chose the best quality of the video but the artwork is still too small.

    Please fix this problem

    THIS! Now the artwork sucks :/

    Hi Supp! That's a known issue, this problem will be fixed in the future release.


    Why you force me to download all (others) program one by one???

    Hello! The installation of additional programs is completely optional. What other programs do you mean?


    I'd like to hear why you won't change it back?
    I have not seen one person agree with this new layout and it would be stupid to ignore them since they are your CUSTOMERS!

    Also please stop saying it is an all-in-one package when it is obviously not.

    Hello! Now we are collecting feedback and probably we will change the set of programs in the future.



    After years of usage the programs of Free Studio I am realy disappointed about the latest version of Free Studio. My father always said: "Never change a winning team". Please make asap a new version based on the previous Then all users will be happy again.


    Since the new release when I start DVDVideoSoft I can't access all the  32 "other" programs anymore only via Start/All Programs/DVDVideoSoft/Programs. This is not very convenient. Please change it back that all your great programs can be accessed directly.


    OK, so based on the comments above, it's evident then that I should stick with the version that I have. How do I get rid of the nag message for the newer version?


    My problem is (although i have installed the latest version) that when I download some Songs, IF it works and starts downloading only the first song "works". The first one is completed until 100%, but the converting never starts. Then after 5min the converter is just like.. nope "Video downloading error", then the next song is being downloaded and again.. it stops at 100% and doesn't start converting.

    Hi Katharina! Submit a request to our support team

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)

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