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    Get redesigned Free Studio with new features and disabled hotkeys.

    Among other things don't miss Free Video Editor. It now supports Win XP!

    YouTube Programs now download from, a #1 Japanese YouTube.

    Need more information? All you want to know you can get from our News feed


    after installing the newest, problems appear, again

    sent the log already, plz fix it soon, thx


    I downloaded the new build for Fee Studio and installed it, it appears you gone to the Windows 8 layout this is a shame because Windows 8 is not used by most desktop users. and I  can not find where the firefox extensions are. They were not downloaded and installed like the previous build.. Have you removed them from this build??? Going to try the Youtube to .wav converter now and see if it works. If I need to download a package for the extensions please provide a link for me.

    T. Chris Minor
    Sacramento USA


    Hey Nikky, you guys have any plans on going back to the old design? I believe it's much better.


    This layout is horrible, please go back.


    After installation of the new version i am missing a lot of converter-icons in the menu.
    I also find that the old design has been much better and ... it showed all installed converters and programs I have installed.


    Does it have all the programs? Can't find a lot of the converters, 3d video things, and all the stuff under the "other" programs on the site. Previous design was much better.


    I stopped downloading newer versions a while ago as they are always very buggy and not always an improvement plus the new download would always change my settings and I would have to reconfigure. I think you have too many geeks there who think more is better. FALSE.


    I Agree With Ron. I installed older version and yeah it's not perfect but it's better than the latest one.
    Hopefully software developers _are_goin_2_fix bugs asap.

    At the end of the day that's why i'm supporting #premium.


    I agree I like the free studio because all of the programs were in one place now I have to have a separate icon for many of the apps like free cd burner, disk burner, video to dvd, ect. This takes up much needed space on my desktop and clutters it. I like the last version better than this new version, A huge improvement would be to allow us to choose which ones we want in the free studio or include all of them. I am now better off uninstalling free studio and all the apps and just installing the ones I use and having 10 icons on the desktop for each one. This release is definitely a step backward. To Markus and Sydney yes they are still there and all 50 programs are included they are just hidden you have to go to the file location where they are installed to access them and either keep going there every time you want to use one or place a shortcut on your desktop. Very inconvenient. I'm going back to the old one until the new one has better accessibility to all the programs.


    latest release 6.3.6! is a live example of how to turn great software to worst  one, turn success to failure.

    I am sure by now you have so many report log and complains, lets see if you gonna fix those, and give more space for the rest of features (Coz now i need to download things like audio burner separately and have separate icon).. seriously what you were thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!
    youtube downloader is freezing and give windows error, even after download audio burner, it is giving some error LOL


    Disappointing!  The update ruined my whole experience with DVDvideosoft.  The interface is horrible.  I can no longer download YouTube videos,  can not convert. to MP3.  everything is now useless!  I will be uninstalling everything and hopefully I have an old version lying around or its off to find another software that works  :(


    @Danny: try cliking "Downloaders" and you'll find the youtube downloaders.

    Beside that...I think the new layout work well for me.


    Hi Danny! All the programs listed in the new Free Studio Manager work fine. If you have any problems, submit a request to our support team.



    I like the older version, I got problem with the new version. I've half way converted the file, but with new version i got "your video space not enough"

    I can't install the older version :(

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