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    I use youtube uploader latest version but it doesn't upload. it logins and when it almost uploaded 99% it gives Process completed File is failed. The file is wmv file with 27 sec long. What is wrong?


    Same for me.

    I'm getting "- file is failed!" for the three .flv videos less than 3 minutes each I attempted.

    Any idea when the new version of this program will be released?



    The beta uploader dosen't work as well, getting process failed.


    Got the beta uploader working after about 20 tries progress bar does not work.  i had to shut it down with task manager numerous times as it locked up my computer.


    Tried with a 10 minute HD file and both times failed, aborted after about 20 minutes, the one that was successful was a 3 minute avi music file.  So don't know if it will upload MP4 HD files or not.


    i tried the upload with fin d'ete off of youtube(duh!) but it wont show up in the says that the upload is completed but when i check the folder its not there.i tried this a couple times


    oops nm


    I don't completely understand what you did and what program you used, give me more information please


    i download the youtube uploader
    but when i want to upload video, it would not load.
    it would only stay at "uploading" but no "..% completed"
    i don't know what is the problem.
    i tried uninstalling and installing but it does not work.
    if you know how to slove the problem please email be at


    This goes the same for me.  I tried different videos but most of them don't start.  Few actually started uploading, but it never finishes, and sometimes the green bar jumps back to the beginning.  Can't upload.


    I keep getting some error with the module or something...

    I don't know, but none of the youtube converter programs are working for me anymore and i have deleted&redownloaded at least 3 times now. Even the whole studio.

    These programs are really good, but when these error comes and i cant find out the reason, its pretty annoying.


    Jason try uploading with no tags, the green bar jumping back is your connection dropping off and the upload restarting again, i usually upload during the night and don't have nothing bar uploader running.


    Ok i installed the updated .NET frame and still the video i download wont show up(module thing is still here) And i even redownloaded whole studio (after uninstalling and using CCleaner). Its strange how it worked fine until youtube changed itself again....

    I'm really gonna miss showing videos to my friends now...well it was good while it lasted. Thanks.


    Noelle Pozzi
    Commoner,  the link redirects you to the .net framework homepage and offers you version 4.0 by default. We strongly recommend to use .NET Framework 3.5
    Make sure you're installing the right version


    Is it possible to add a feature to resume interrupted uploads, when internet connection is suddenly lost? As Starman2110 also says, it's often that it has to restart 3 or 4 times untill it can finish. And every time it isn't completed, the part already done is added on youtube, so you have to delete 3 or 4 videos of 2 seconds.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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