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    I caanot use wma Files in my mp3-player and have to convert wma to mp3. The wma-files are 192 kbit/sec (Bitrate). When I use the Free Audio Converter, I hve 2 possibilities in this case.
    - Mp3 Old Standard 192 kbit/s, 44, 1 Khz stereo
    - Mp3 Original Quality, Bitrate, Sample Rate, Channels as in Input File

    Here the results.
    wma-Original 192 kBit/sec: 134 MB (CD. Sting, the Best) = 100 %
    mp3-converted Old Standard 192 kBit/sec: 107 MB Old Standard = 80 %
    mp3-converted Original Quality 192 kBit/sec: 72 MB Original Quality = 54 %

    What is the reason?


    Hi thomastest,
    We performed some tests and noticed that Old Standard Quality really enlarges the file size but in our test file the bitrate increased from 128 to 192. As I see in your files, the bitrate is the same, so would you please check other quality parameters of your input file (sample rate and number of channels) and compare them to those ones of the output files?


    Hi Joyce,

    I also made this result.
    mp3-conerted Lame Insane Quality 320 kBit/sec 179 MB Lame Insane Quality = 134 %

    I do not own this CD. So I own only the wma-files. In this case it does not matter, how are the original sample rates etc. They are usually like everywhere. You only have one original and you get an unexpected result. This unexpected result have to be discussed, because it is not understandable to get 54 % or to get 80 % of size, when wma was the original. The result should reach round about of 100 percent, differenes of 10 percent would be understandable. May be, that Original Quality and Old Standard do not work correctly. You should test it more. Or you should explain, how the unexpected results are possible.


    Hi again thomastest,
    I can understand that it looks pretty strange that the program behaves like that for you. Well, I would suggest you sending us your wma file for tests. Here is an instruction for you:
    1. Download dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com.
    2. Install dropbox on your PC, create an account.
    3. Drop a file into the Public folder.
    4. Right-click this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies an Internet link to your file that you should send us.

    Please send the link to Help Desk or publish it here.


    Hi Joyce,

    the Sting-CD-wma-files are 44,1 kHz Stereo.

    I will send it how you wrote. Till later


    Hi Joyce,

    in a few time the synchronisation will be finished succesfully. After this I will look for a link. For reasons of Law (It is music...) I decide to send this link to Help Desk.
    But please have attention to these next sentences.
    For me it is very important, that you see these facts:

    - I have a lot of wma-files (over 1 GB) without Original-CD for a new ripping. These wma-files are very different in their quality (from 128 to 320 kBit/sec). So I do not look for sample rate or so. The wma-files cannot be played on my mp3-player, they must be conversed to mp3 for a first player-usage. it is also a question of file-size and HDD-space, when I convert them. But for reaching the best possible quality I have to look for the original quality as in the Input file. You know: wma is no lossless quality, mp3 will be one time more no lossless quality. Here is to have an attention also for the Old Standard (192 kbit/sec). The maximum, which can be done technical, is mp3 with 320 kbit/sec (incl. its space). So this File-Size is also important for comparing to the wma-Originals. Here you see all the unexspected questions while using your Free Audio Converter. I cannot use such a lot of time for looking at one wma-CD-File-Set and its own problems, bitrate, samplerate, and channels. Stereo and saving the Quality is more important for the mp3-Conversion. The working ID3Tag and the Folder-important are also important, not to forget a good working track-numbering. Only this, but this real and true, in best quality....


    I have sent the dropbox-Link to Help Desk


    Hi, yes, I got it, thanks a lot. We will perform some tests and let you know.


    Joyce wrote:

    Hi Thomas,
    I am writing to inform you that we are working on your problem, but unfortunately the specialist that is responsible for the matters like yours is on vacation now. As soon as I have news and results, I will let you know.

    I will keep your request open so that to remind myself of it.

    09. August 2012


    Thanks for your short information. You wrote: "As soon as I have news and results, I will let you know."

    So I will wait till your next lines.

    Best Thanks
    Yours truly
    thomastest thomastest

    09. August 2012



    Joyce wrote:

    Hi again, Thomas!
    I was trying to download your file one more time, but I got an error.
    Did you remove it already? Would you please uploade it to dropbox again?
    We will need it in the future. Right after I download it to our server, I will let you know.


    09. August 2012

    my answer:


    how do you work? The working material should be original saved in your folders and yet copied for tests. Uploads take each time 45 minutes. So I uploaded now again to an own space for longer days. Here you can download again:

    10. August 2012


    Hello Joyce,

    please delete my written link, because I am not able to correct it (how I saw now).
    Why is no possibilty for correction here?
    Sorry, but for legal reasons I do not allow to show this link public.

    Thank you.



    Hi Thomas,
    I have got your file now and your link i deleted as you requested.
    It was my fault as I had not saved it previously to the right location. Please accept my apologies. I have it in the right location now and your request is taken care about. Please for future references refer to Help Desk as usually we provide support there. Thanks a lot again for co-operation!

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