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    Hi, I downloaded the updated version of the converter due to the fact that the last version was beginning to give me problems. It wasn't fully downloading the songs yet it was saying that the download was complete when indeed it wasn't. This updated version is also doing the same thing. Could there be something wrong with my computer or is it the software?


    Hi, unload and re-load, then update it  to have a check. I it still doesn't work, you can try some other converters like freeware iWisoft Free Video Converter, which works well for me to convert any video and audio.


    when ever i try to download a song of youtube it comes up with 'text squares either side of the song url on the 'free youtube to mp3 converter and says the song is zero minuets, it does download it, but theres is no point as it doesnt save in my file and doesnt play


    the youtube to MP3 convertr used to give me just the audio, which is what I want now it's trying to give me the vido as well and dosent work at all, how do i extract just the audio as an MP3 file


    Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a program only for extracting audio from a YouTube video. What do you mean the program is "trying to give me the vido and dosent work at all"? Do you receive any error message? Did it start happening after update? or at which moment? Please specify. What version of the program are you using?


    Hi ,

    Im having the same problem as Mark T is having.

    When ever i start up the Free Youtube to MP3 converter
    it now adds a video "tag"
    and instead of downloading the video as a mp3 it downloads it as a MP4.

    ( click link for image to make bug more clear )

    Ive tried to update but program is using latest version
    ive tried a complete uninstall, removal of maps, and install again
    didn't fix it.
    Tried it on both vista and xp.

    seems to be a bug in the program nothing on user side.


    "video" just meanss that the link you pasted contains just one video, not play list of several clips. For example for playlists you can see something like "34 videos" or so. As a result you'll get mp3 file, not video, don't worry
    Anyway I'll talk about the issue to our developers and most probably they'll replace "video" with "audio"


    OS Windows Vista 32. Problem with the Video to Ipod converter:

    Was working fine when I first installed, Now I get, "Access violation at address 64943CBE in module
    'avformat-52.dll Write of address 90A665E4" I tried to uninstall, download newest version, then deleted the old folders,cleaned up the registry entries, re-installed....No go! Any ideas?


    Thanks for your fast response Key Master

    Alright so basicly the video tag is a new feature? thanks for clearing up.

    But that doesn't fixes the fact that the Youtube to mp3 converter converts it to mp4 instead of mp3 which is what the program should do. Sorry if i wasn't clear in indicating the bug.
    So basicly the output of the Youtube to mp3 converter is an mp4 file.
    Whilst it should be an mp3 file


    Program seems too buggy, iWisoft Free Video Converter is working nicely.


    i cant add any url to to screen :/ just updated and got the same problem


    callum, specify the program and its version, please. Describe what you do step-by-step. It will help me to find the cause of the problem and fix it. Thanks!


    i been using this program for about 3 months and it got what i wanted and just today it stopped. i would copy the link and a error pops up

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