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    ... What happened to the Classic Versions for "Free YouTube Download" & "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter" in the new release  ' .... 1127 '
    ... The Classic Version UI suits me better than the newer version UI.
    ... Naturally if I download the Classic Version from the " ... 1127 release" it installs the previous version [as described] and the problem when this program is run you are told that there is a newer version and it downloads Free Studio v1127 which I already have [waste of data].

    ... If this is for version 1127 then there is something in the file that is saying it is pre version ...1127.

    ... WILL A CLASSIC VERSION OF "Free YouTube Download" & "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter" Version ...1127 be supplied?!?!?!?!


    What is happening with the "Up to Date/Current Version" of the Classic Program???
    It has been 2 weeks!


    ... version 1211 is no different.
    ... any response would have been nice!!!


    ... Just bothered to check what is "Current Version" online.
    ... Can't keep up with the versions.
    ... Just downloaded version 1223, will see how it shapes up tomorrow!!!

    Cheers, Hedley.


    ... Since you have had a few releases close to each other again I first checked your website to make sure the version I'm running,, and we agree.

    ... Still says "there is a newer version, do I want to download new version" after I have installed Free Studio version: plus the 2 Free YouTube "Classic versions" when running "Free YouTube Download Classic interface. Version.:

    ... Can you give me any answers?

    Cheers, Hedley.


    Sorry for the late reply. It was Christmas weekend. Classic version will always asks for update as the latest version is with the updated interface.


    Hi Nikky,

    .. Strange comment!!!
    ... because if all these boxes can be ticked
    (1) These two programs should be two separate programs!
    (2) Any program listed on a download site like yours should list the current versions.
    (3) Any older versions can be listed in a separate archive if you want 'customers' to be able to download them.
    (4) If a program carries, in this case ".1224" then it should be compatible, run, bring up the older UI and not call to download the currant Free Studio, which I already have.

    .. I don't mean to ramble on but

    .. My observation is that there is NO "Classic" versions in the current version of Free Studio

    .. I prefer the Free YouTube Downloader Classic version UI because this UI better suits my requirements. Does the new UI have all the choices of the old UI? Is there something I am missing in the new UI.

    .. I install the Classic versions separate to the Free Studio package as it allows me to have an icon that I can go directly to, rather than having to open Free Studio .

    Sorry Nikki for the raving.
    Cheers, Hedley.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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