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    I've already written about this in another post, but I want to ask again -
    Why have you made such changes to VideoDUB?
    It was such an easy tool to cut stuff out of a video, well if it worked, Select a section, click on delete, then watch the video before you safe it. There was even an "UNDO" button so you could reverse the last deletion. So simple and brilliant!

    Maybe I don't know how to use this right, but why would you make such changes on how to use it?

    Now I can't delete the sections like I used to, just mark them.
    That's annoying and hindering if you have a long video.
    If I click on "play selection" it always plays one of the parts that's to be deleted! Why would I need that?

    Also I can't watch how the video will look with the cuts before I safe it.
    Oh and I can't listen either since I can't hear any audio like I used to. And since there is no way of cutting out stuff and watch and listen, there is no need for the reverse/undo button, I guess.

    I really miss the old functions. Your advanced features may be good for some, but some just want to cut stuff out of videos. For that it was perfect. DON'T FIX IT IF IT'S NOT BROKEN!

    Please reintroduce the delete/then watch function before I save the video and the reverse button. (Oh and audio, too please!)
    Or make the old simple version intstallable. Yes there is a site with older versions of the whole studio and a Videodub, but as I've written somewhere else, YOU WON'T LET ME INSTALL IT!!

    Thank you for your time


    I have found the changes to be very much of an improvement over the old "Video Dub". The program is more stable and most of the features work. Some changes could be made to improve efficiency and some non working features could be fixed. Here is what I have found so far:

    What doesn't work:
    1) Saving to any other format other than "Original Format" doesn't work and results in a very small file with no viewable content.
    2) "Previous Frame" controls, either cntrl + left arrow or tool on toolbar don't work. Sometimes it backs up one or two frames but no more.

    Control upgrades would be very useful and speed up file editing such as:
    1) Show the file name of the file being edited somewhere on the editing screen.
    2) After saving an edited file and clicking on the "Open Folder" button, go directly to the file just edited instead of the top of the file list. Make it an option so the user can set it the way he finds it most useful.
    3) Add the ability to move an anchor (beginning and end) after it has been set. The only way I have found to reset the anchor position is to delete the selection and start all over. A big time consumer.

    General comment: I have edited several dozen episode files from various TV programs since installing this new version of Video Editor, I am currently using v1.4.1 build 605. I have found that the program is much more stable than the old "Video Dub". I did find that selecting the segments you want to keep is faster than selecting the segments you want to eliminate. The latter requires two more edit selections and requires more time.


    Hi! Thanks for both reports. Our developers/company management will be informed about both reports.
    First of all they will analyze them, and maybe then, they will accept some of your ideas. Thanks for supporting us!


    Just in relating to the New Update... its lame seriously, why make a nice software more complicated... if Apple likes to do their software complicated as crap let them do it... you guys shouldn't follow them, I mean this software is nice until I had to install new updates "Because the codecs weren't working on the old one" the old one was plain simple you had a select button and a delete button... it took me 30 minutes to find how to work it out geesh can it get worse than this ? So... I know if I have to uninstall this program for good.

    NB "Go easy on the updates at least once every 2 weeks or a month"


    Hi! Thanks for all reports. Our developers/company management will be informed about both reports.
    First of all they will analyze them, and maybe then, they will accept some of your ideas. Thanks for supporting us!

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