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    I have tried Free Studio for a while now and decided to buy it. Could ONLY go thru Pay”pal”.
    Have never had a Paypal account, and never will, but I have used it on a one-time basis 2 or 3 times, no problem.
    Today I entered my info, Name address phone CC info. 4 times in a row it told me I had my info wrong.
    I HAVE LIVED HERE FOR 13 YEARS! I am hardly likely to for get where I live. As for cc I double checked info each time before submitting.

    Paypal will not talk, there is no contact nor help. (Wonderful company – not)

    So I am here to see if I can buy direct from DVDSoft.

    Love the package, was looking for Lifetime license.

    If anyone from DVDSoft reads this I would love an answer.



    Mzwanele Funda

    I’m also having that problem, is there any other way to pay? Help us guys


    @JF, now we accept payments via Paypal only. Try to contact Paypal support team



    I am using an old version of Free Studio and am considering buying a license for the Premium Membership. Is that a one time only (lifetime) membership? Also, have the programs been updated? I would like to see three dimensional control buttons and the ability to move, group and remove the control buttons to make the program easier to use and prevent the accidental mistouch of the wrong button.



    What Free Studio version are you using? It is always recommended to use updates, because they contain most recent bug fixes and improvements.
    Yes, this is a one time payment. Please go to web page. Here you can choose your premium license.
    Free Studio Manager looks as on the page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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