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    I had the latest version (premium) of Free Youtube downloader.
    I tried to download a playlis with mixed content 360p to 1080p, selecting 1080p as best quality.

    First problem: Why cannot download 1080p MP4 anymore without converting (It shows only MKV available at 1080p)? It is not a Youtube problem as with version 3.2.61 b805 I still can download 1080p MP4...
    Second problem: even setting 1080p as best quality, then software downloads file as 720p MP4 instead 1080p MKV.
    Third problem: If download the file as single file and not in playlist, the 1080p MKV produced contains only the video track, not the audio track...

    Bad upgrade... I had to turn back to the old version, hoping that an update will correct the many bugs!

    Hello! Try to use Classic version of the program, it´s published at the same page. If the problem appears, submit a request to support team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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