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    Free Video Editor 1.4.12 build 525

    There's a bug when selecting an "End point" in certain parts of a video is cut wrong.

    i.e. Instead of cutting [ 00:12.222 - 00:17.777 ] it ends up cutting [ 00:12.222 - 00:21.444 ]

    ► I have found THIS ONLY happens when I save video in the original format; HOWEVER when I convert the same time frame in whatever format AVI/GIF/MKV,etc. the Start and End points are done correctly.

    ► I also have found the cut is done wrong if I convert first and then select the same time frame I want edited out.


    • One is by having the inconvenience of converting the whole video to another format.

    • Two, what I have done is instead of selecting i.e. [ 00:12.222 - 00:17.777 ], I tinker with the "End point" like [ 00:12.222 - 00:14.777 ] or something like that until the editor does a close enough cut of what I was expecting. Of course, this only works if there's a certain margin of error tolerable; like a long transition. But when doing an exact precise editing, this "workaround" falls flat.


    Hi. Thanks for the report. Please one more time send all your details, what program presets and your video file so the specialists can start analyzing your case as soon as possible. Send all details to our Help Desk service please.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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