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    If your current version isn't 100% free of download errors, try this build (==823==) please. Some feedback would be marvelous.


    Build 823 sends me a message which says: "Conversion error - Contact Support". I'll wait for 824 probably... That's all. Thanks.


    what the abvove said, Doesnt work, conversion error on all vids (since it skips the download phase it logically cant convert anything)


    steven quit your annoying advertising attempt and actually if you do it do it with brain, because the latest update is as a matter of fact not working so your post is laughable.


    I have a dummy account for such things. ill add you there.


    The newest version has a (in my opinion) major bug, when you download.. Lets say 100 videos then about 2-10 do only have 0MB and cant be played, before some months that bug appeared but it was fixed i suppose, well now its back


    Hi guys, thanks for your reports. Would you please participate in our tests? Follow the instructions in my previous posts. I will send you more instructions via Facebook?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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