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    i downloaded the new version of youtube to mp3 converter, and it works fine but the album artwork is blurry. is there anything i can do??


    Please specify: what program and version do you use, where do you check the album artwork?


    I think I'm having the same problem too. I'm using the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter v. 3.10.1 build 715 and the thumbnails of the youtube files I download are coming up blurry. The previous version of the youtube to mp3 converter I had downloaded the thumbnails as the full resolution pictures of the youtube files. If you can let me know how to fix this, I'd appreciate it! You guys are great!


    At least you're getting thumbnails. I'm getting nothing at all


    I'm having this problem as well cover art is all blurry and not high quality like it was before this latest update


    Noelle Pozzi
    Thanks for your information - we have been able to reproduce this issue internally.

    Our program used to download the artwork from YouTube without any analysis by default. It seems that some videos on YouTube do not have a high quality artwork. This is why you could have seen it blurry.
    As this algorithm has caused problems and frustrations by users, we will change it in the soonest release.
    To test the updated versions we need your YT links for tests . We will appreciate if you post them here.

    We look forward to improving how the programs work with you to grow your success with Free Studio.


    Here is one link I downloaded. The image on the youtube screen is much higher resolution than the album artwork thumbnail that came when i converted the file through the Youtube to MP3 converter


    Just downloaded the latest update. The problem is fixed. Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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