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    I am having problems with the start_frame after just converting a wmv to fvl.

    After the conversion there is the black start_frame file. I have changed this to a frame from the video itself and saved it in the same size and format.
    It is in the same folder as the rest of the files.

    I have set up 2 test pages to run the video. One is inside the folder (with all the other files) and the other test page is outside the folder in the main directory.

    When I go to the page INSIDE the folder, the start_frame shows up OK.
    However when I go to the page that is OUTSIDE the folder, the start_frame fails to show up.

    In the xml file I have tried giving the path to the start_frame as:...
    start_frame.jpg (because it is in the same folder as the xml file).
    direct path to start_frame.jpg
    absolute path to start_frame.jpg

    Nothing seems to work.
    All the paths are correct and working. If I go DIRECT to the image file in the IE brower, then it is there.

    It just seems that the start_frame image will not display if my webpage that I am calling the video from is outside the main folder.

    I am doing everything correct and I have designed a few sites already so I should know what the heck I am doing lol.

    Any ideas?



    Noelle Pozzi
    @Louise, Can you give me the links? i will have a look.
    Is it impossible to add both pages into the folder? If you're using a paid hosting, they can restrict specific data for the root folder, which can be incompatible with the default files.



    I have just edited the OUTSIDE page to display the start_frame image from outside the main folder, just to show that the image can be called from outside the main folder.


    Noelle Pozzi
    @Louise, thanks for the links, i will have a look and will let you know.


    Thank you.
    Hopefully you can figure out the problem.


    OK thank for looking anyway,
    Like I said it is not too important for me to have the start_frame showing but it was bugging me as to why it wouldn't show up.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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