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    windows 7,


    Is free studio compatible with windows 7. It just freezes with no response,

    I can't download anything off yt.


    Anna Johnson
    We've tested our software and it's compatible with windows 7. What YouTube program are you using?
    At what moment does the program freeze?


    I'm also experiencing problems with Windows 7. I have Free Studio version 5.0.8 and right after it downloads a video, my computer shuts down. I was using the free youtube to mp3 downloader.


    Nevermind, I was reading another post and I found that in the options there is a check box that would shut off the computer if the download was successful. It's working fine now.


    When I use the YT downloader or the YT to mp3 converter it freezes.
    Do you need to install the laterst MS netframework in order for the program to work on windows 7.


    The program freezes when i try to download on yt.
    Nothing happens at all.


    Mine also freezes anytime i try to do anything. When i try to download, when i try to add files. its goes into not responding mode.

    Hello! Send us the logs and the specialists start analysing your case as soon as possible.

    1. Launch 'Log Report' (Start → All programs → DVDVideoSoft → Log Report or just press Ctrl+Alt+L).
    2. Click 'OK' to open the folder with archived logs.
    3. Attach '_logs_to_send' to Help Desk.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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