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    I copied the link. Everythink went fine, but after the video downloaded  (tab titled "proccess is completed" appeared) the link in the tab turned red and wrote "conversion error".
    Also the name of the song contained losts of strange symbols and was much longer than the original one (lots of spaces, squares, "=&# and symbols like that).
    I checked the destination folder and song wasn't there.

    I need that song! Any ideas?


    I'm getting the same "conversion error" message. Plz Help!


    I'm getting the error message as well


    Hi, we are preparing a new release which will not encounter such problems. We will publish it in several hours.


    it is the same for the youtube to MP3 converter


    The same Problem yesterday it was ok

    Its any Problem with You Tube ???

    Thanks Konrad


    youtube updated thats why


    The same thing happened to me last night ! Please have it up as soon as possible Joyce ! Thank you !


    Same thing happened to me!


    Does anyone know if they came up with the new version yet, cause everyone is talking about it but I can't find it.


    same problem any solution yet??


    I think I found the Solution.

    The version that everyone is talking about is the new latest version which is version 3.10.0.

    It's exactly the same except when you download your music, it also downloads the video as well.

    If you just want the music, you could just delete the video and keep the music.

    Here's where I found it:

    Go to where it says News and click on it.

    When you click on it, click on the latest news where it says Free Studio 5.0.10.

    And thats where you'll find a button that says Download Now.

    Click on it and when it finishes downloading check on the top where it says Free Youtube to MP3 Converter and beside it, it should say v. 3.10.0.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way, it also downloads the whole studio as well.


    Hi The new versions definately work. Joyce will you also be updating the Free YouTube to Ipod as I am also encountering the same problem there. Thanks :)


    Hi Han, we will try to update it as well.


    Thanks so much Joyce ! Can you also post the new converter when it is fixed? Thanks !

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)

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