How to create, submit and publish a guide

Step 1. Write Guide

First of all select a subject, then sit and think over the structure of your future guide. The guide has to have a step by step arrangement. Each step has to explain a basic operation. For every step you can create one image with the program screenshot. As soon as you have the clear idea, use any basic text editor to write the guide.

Please follow the links to see sample guides:

How to convert a video between almost all modern video formats...

and How to copy a DVD...

Note: Please do not use and HTML tags in the guide text.

Step 2. Make Images for Guide

Use only PNG, GIF or JPEG images. We recommend PNG. You can create two copies of the picture for every step. The width of the first one has to be limited to max 350 pixels. The second one can be as big as your wish. We recommend using an image editor to make some drawings on the screenshots to attract users' attention.

Note: Name the first picture as step2.png and the second one as step2big.png.

Step 3. Format Guide

Format your text in the following way:


Guide. Name of your guide

Step 1. Name of the first step

Text of the first step...

Step 2. Name of the second step

Text of the second step...


Save the guide as the Text document (*.txt) file. Then compress it with images as ZIP archive. You can download the sample guide at this link.

Step 4. Send Your Guide to Us

When the guide is ready, please send the zip file to or better upload it somewhere to your site and send us the link to download.

If you sell your software via RegNow and have an affiliate program we will publish your guide for free.

In the email please provide us your RegNow vendor ID and product ID. If you do not use RegNow or want to have direct links to your site from the guide page, please contact us.

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