How to download video from YouTube, if "This video is not available in your country" or YouTube is banned in your country at all.

You should use so called anonymous proxy servers. It is a computer system that acts as a go-between for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server.

Using of anonymous proxy servers allows to replace your IP address with the one of the proxy server and to get the access to web pages which are not intended for your country.

YouTube download software from DVDVideoSoft uses Internet Explorer engine. So you should configure proxy settings in the program to work via proxy server.

Finding a proxy server

It is not easy to find a good free proxy server. First try to search Google for example for "free proxy servers list". You will see some sites that offer free proxy server listings.

We found this one is very useful

Now look through the list and select a proxy server to try. It is recommended to try United States and United Kingdom servers.

Now try to open YouTube, in the browser. If you can see the YouTube page, that's perfect, it means our software will download YouTube video.

  • Open Internet browser;
  • From the top menu click "Tools", then select "Internet Options";
  • Click the "Connections" tab;
  • If you use Dial-Up connection, choose your connection and click "Settings" button, if you use LAN connection, click the "LAN Settings" button in the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" group box.
  • Disable "Automatically Detect Settings" and enable "Use a proxy server";
  • In fields "Address" and "Port" type proxy name and proxy port number;
  • Enable "bypass proxy server for local addresses";
  • Click "OK".

Setting up YouTube software for using proxy:

setting options

Now open our software and click the "Options..." button. A new window pops up.

Tick "Use proxy server" option to use a proxy server. Then enter Address and Port.

Click "OK". Then paste YouTube links and download video.


If Internet Explorer shows you a blank page for several minutes or if it tells you that the connection is broken, etc. try another proxy server. Please be patient, most probably you will have to try tens of proxies, before you find the one which works for you.

When you find a good proxy, paste a YouTube link into our software and click the Download button. Now it may take several minutes before download actually starts. During this time the program does not respond to your actions and it looks like it is frozen. Don't worry, go to the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee or tea, what ever you like. When you return the program will be downloading video.

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