Why Torrent is Better than Direct Download?

Direct Download is a traditional way of downloading files from the web. It is a direct way of downloading from a server to your computer. It is quite simple, but there are certain inconveniences in using it: when Internet connection is interrupted, the download process is stopped, and you get a corrupted downloaded file. There is also other disadvantage: you cannot pause, or resume your direct downloads.

Torrents are more reliable and manageable, here is the list of its advantages:

  1. Torrents offer high download speed (especially well seeded torrents);
  2. You always get detailed information with your torrents: tracklists, recording methods/sources/bitrates, etc.;
  3. All torrents are kept for many months, many of them are kept forever, including all popular torrents, special torrents, while download sites usually keep links operating for only a few weeks, torrents will be always available for download;
  4. There are no restrictions on several downloads at once, and there is no waiting between consecutive downloads;
  5. You can pause, stop and resume downloads;
  6. You can also set limits on how much bandwidth your torrent application will use on downloading and uploading data;
  7. You can set queue limit on how many torrent files you want to download simultaneously;
  8. Before downloading a torrent you can see its rating, votes and users' comments.

That's why we've chosen torrents and created a program to make this process even easier. Check out our Free Torrent Download.

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