‘Captcha required’ error when downloading from YouTube

YouTube has changed its configurations recently. That is the reason why you can experience the ‘Captcha required’ error message.

First, we recommend you to download and install the last available program version from our website. Here are the updates for Free YouTube To MP3 Converter and Free YouTube Download.

If the new version doesn't work, follow the steps written below:

  1. Open the application (Free YouTube Download / Free YouTube to MP3 Converter). Go to Tools - Options - Advanced - Get Cookies from. Remember what browser is selected there.
    View the image
  2. Open the page https://www.youtube.com/ in the chosen Browser.
  3. Go to Settings - Privacy and Security - Clear cookies, remove all the cookie files. It is important to delete all cookies you have there.

    Below you can see how to delete cookie files and site data in Firefox:
    View the image

    And here you see where to clear cookies and cache in Chrome:
    View the image

    How to delete all cookies in Edge:
    View the image

  4. Go back to the start page of https://www.youtube.com/
  5. Log into your YouTube account there.
  6. Open the YouTube URL of the video you want to download. Make sure you can play it back on YouTube after login.
  7. Enter Captcha if it’s required (Confirm that you're not a Robot). Usually it looks like this:
    View the image
  8. Go back to the DVDVideoSoft YouTube downloader. (Restart the app). Copy and paste the YouTube link into the main program window and press Download.
Getting the error anyway? Contact our support at help@dvdvideosoft.com or submit your request via Help Desk.
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