Free Studio 6.1.1 430 Released with Numerous Fixes

We are proud to announce the new version of Free Studio.

The update features significant improvements in YouTube programs:
– new feature: support;
– added video download context menu for, twitter and;
– added support for YouTube movie links;
– added support for numerous pages with embedded YouTube videos;
– new presets for Android devices, including Samsung, Sony, Huawei and others;
– fixed YouTube Rewind 2012 links;
– fixed artists’ playlists detection;
– fixed detection of private links (Liked videos, Favorites, Watch later, etc.);
– fixed “Skip downloading if the file already exists” problem;
– many other fixes (Proxy, thumbnail, cookies problems, etc.).

Download Free Studio 6.1.1 430 now!

New Features and Fixes in Free Studio

The newest version of Free Studio is out! It brings numerous improvements and new features.

This update includes minor bug fixes and changes in Free Video Call Recorder for Skype:
– Windows XP support was added;
– the program is available in 12 more languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Some changes were performed in YouTube downloading programs and converters, the most significant of them are:
– the performance of applications through Proxy connection was improved;
– links detection speed was increased;
– the presets for iPad4 were added.

The update containing important fixes is available for download here.

Major Release of Free Studio 2013!

We are glad to announce the release of Free Studio 2013. This latest version comprises plenty significant fixes and valuable improvements.
New user interface was integrated into YouTube downloading software. We have tried to implement users’ suggestions and ideas, and made the programs more user-friendly so that you could have a completely new user experience.
Free Uploader for Facebook was reworked and now it functions correctly. The problem of mistiming in output videos of Free Video Dub was fixed for all reported cases. Free Audio Converter was improved and now it is more stable.
We have also refreshed our website’s look to maintain positive expression and match the new design of Free Studio 2013. We hope you will like it.
Download Free Studio 2013 now!

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype: Official Release

We are glad to announce official release of Free Video Call Recorder for Skype.
It’s the first free Skype recorder in the world. With one click you can start recording video calls with your friend (friends) or only sound from your conversations.
Compare other similar products available on the net and contribute to this Wikipedia article by adding our Skype recorder to the list. Let us know your opinion and write to us at (Subject: Free Video Call Recorder for Skype).
Another breaking news is that the forthcoming release of Free Studio will feature updated Free Uploader for Facebook. The program has been re-worked and it will feature a greater number of useful functions.

Free Studio 5.8: Major Release with New Features

We have prepared a new release which is stuffed with new features and important fixes.
YouTube programs enhance new functionality and now you can download ‘Watch later’ lists directly from the program. Just click on the corresponding line in Context menu and the complete ‘Watch later’ list will be downloaded.
New algorithm for video detection problem is introduced: now if you have such problem, just try to use alternate video detection algorithm.
Free Video Dub has been updated and now works accordingly with most video files. Moreover a range of fixes has been introduced in YouTube downloaders, audio and video converters to provide stable functioning of the applications.
Finally we announce that our programs officially support Windows 8 (PC) operating system.
Download Free Studio 5.8 and get all updates!

Improvements and Fixes in Free Studio 5.7.6

– added iPhone 5 support, specially configured presets: High Quality (2.5 Mbit), Standard Quality (1.8 Mbit), Economy Quality (1.5 Mbit);
– download 4K (extra quality) videos;
– export of downloaded files to iTunes has been significantly accelerated;
– huge-size videos (over 4.5 GB) are available for download.

Newsworthy bug fixes:
– fixes related to the internal YouTube changes which cause download problems;
– issue with AVG Accelerator is solved: now the program will notify you when the accelerator is on so you can disable it and start using our program;
– improvements working with proxy servers;
– fixes for downloading personal playlists: Uploads, History, Watch Later, etc.;
– ATI graphics card detection problem resolved.

Download Free Studio 5.7.6 and get all the fixes at once. Let us know your opinion about the latest release on DVDVIdeoSoft Facebook Page.

Issue with AVG Blocking Internet Connection

As plenty users wrote us, Free YouTube Download, Free YouTube to YouTube to MP3 and downloading programs by other software vendors often stop working if AVG Accelerator software is ON.
Though AVG Accelerator may be useful for some purposes, it is not needed by DVDVideoSoft programs as they use own acceleration tools. Unfortunately, AVG Accelerator is reported to freeze Internet connection and to interfere in the work of DVDVideoSoft programs leading to their malfunctioning.
AVG Acclerator is distributed as part of AVG AntiVirus. Thus if you have it installed on your PC, the accelerator is enabled by default.
How to disable AVG Accelerator:
Open AVG → Options → Advanced Settings → Web Browsing protection → Online Shield → untick “Enable AVG Accelerator”. Read more on this issue here.

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