From Free to Paid

From time to time ‘old’ users ask us why our apps have become chargeable. Now we’re ready to throw light on this matter.

You know that free apps can’t be absolutely free, otherwise no one in the company would get his salary. When DVDVideoSoft apps first appeared on the market they quickly got their popularity for their productivity, simplicity and certainly for being free of charge. To get income we placed ads on our website. Then we moved to in-App ads. It wasn’t obligatory to install the advertised by our partners products, still we got lots of dissatisfied responses from our users because of malware notifications they started to receive. This encouraged us to change our price policy completely. We removed all ads without exception and introduced the Premium license. Checked by VirusTotal all DVDVideoSoft apps proved at once to be absolutely clean and safe.

Now you can use the apps for free to accomplish basic tasks or go premium and get access to lots of extended program features. Besides, we provide the 60 Days Money Back Guarantee that allows users to decide whether they need our product or not. This is enough to make a decision ‘for’ or ‘against’ the product, don’t you think so?

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