How to convert YouTube video to MP3

Use the application Free YouTube to MP3 Converter by DVDVideoSoft
Smart application that can download music from YouTube in one click. Intuitive interface with 22 languages, multi-download. Completely FREE, without spyware or viruses. Online support by DVDvideoSoft.
Extract music from YouTube videos and convert to MP3, import videos to iTunes automatically. Multistream downloading, playlists. Output file formats: mp3, m4a, aac, wav, wma, ogg, flac, ape.
The common way to download music from YouTube is to use the simple application that can grab music. You want to listen your favorite song without ads? You are on the right way to download it!
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter can convert YouTube video to MP3. Read the full guide and enjoy how it is simple.


  1. Download the application Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
  2. Copy the link to YouTube video and click the “Paste” button
  3. Choose the special settings or just push the “Download” button

User tips for YouTube to MP3 Converter

Passo #1:  Download the application Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Download the application, click it and it will install automatically. Just click some “Next” button.
After installation the program will start automatically.
Next time go to Start > All Programs > DVDVideoSoft > Free YouTube to MP3 Converter or just click the DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter icon on the desktop.

Passo #2:  Copy the link to YouTube video and click the “Paste” button

Copy the link to the YouTube video. You can do it in two ways: copy the text from the address bar ( or click the right button of mouse on the bottom menu of the video and choose “Copy video URL”.
Paste the copied link to the application: just click the green “Paste” button. You will see your video at the list of expected downloads.
Lifehack: Make a list of several videos and download them by one click! Check up all the special features.
You can also download Vevo video by this Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.
What if the video on YouTube is a Vevo music video? No problem, YouTube to MP3 Converter can grab it. Check up the guide how to download Vevo video.
Besides, you can download all the playlist! Copy and paste the link to a playlist or a channel and convert videos from this source. Playlists have a blue inscription, where you can find out total amount of detected clips and playlist size.

Passo #3:  Choose the special settings or just push the “Download” button

Choose the extension

You can save YouTube music video in MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WAC, OGG. Choose the file extension or just click the “Download” button. Default extension is MP3.
Program's distinctive feature is the opportunity to save in MP3 Lame Insane \ Extreme \ Standard Quality presets.
You can also choose audio quality. Files with audio and video stream may have bigger size than audio only and need more time to download.

Click the “Download” button

Click the blue “Download” button to download all the chosen video or click the bottom arrow to download to download one video.
The files will be saved to Videos folder by default and can be shown on pressing Folder button.
To rename file use Options / Output. Set the prefix or postfix. It is useful for multiple files download. Default name of the downloaded music file will be the same as the name of the video.
Special features

Download several videos at the same time

You have collected the long list of cool videos? Push the blue button and download them by one click!

Choose some videos from the playlist or download them all

You don’t like some videos at the channel? The channel is too big? Choose the most interesting videos by check mark. Attention! If there are over 900 videos, you will download them for longer time!
How to choose: click the playlist and the list of videos appears in the new window. Select audio tracks you want to download from these playlist. Hit the right mouse button to use some interesting options: insert selection, sort by and more.

Autopaste URL from clipboard

That is not obvious, but you can paste the link without choosing the place to paste. Just click the green button “Paste” and the link will be pasted at the right place! Save your time!

Download the music!

For more functions you can download another applications that can grab music from video:
Free YouTube Downloader can download the video with or without the sound
Free Video to MP3 Converter can extract audio from video files
Free Audio Converter can convert your files between all popular file formats
Free Studio can do all these things and also can process images.
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