Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2008

Hello, hello, hello! I’m sure that you have a great pleasure time these holidays.
What about us? Well, we are still working hard and preparing a new gift for you :-). Very soon we will release a new program Free MP4 Video Converter. This tool will enable you to convert video files to MP4 video format for portable devices: players, cell phones, smart phones and so on. The new program will have lots of predefined profiles for different devices, included but not limited to BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson cell phones, Apple iPod, Sony PSP, Archos DVR, Creative Zen Vision, Epson P-series, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

The program will have a profile editor, so you will be able to specify your device screen resolution, to play with bitrate and framerate in order to increase quality of output video or decrease output file size and to create custom profiles for your specific device with MP4 video support.

Have a great time and do not forget to visit DVDVideoSoft!

PS. I apologize for not answering to your personal emails for about a week or so. I promise, I will answer you within the first days of January 2008.

Users' comments

  • by Paul Clough

    Many thanks, and Happy New Year, will this MP4 Video Converter include conversions to Wii Video Format.

  • by Mike P.

    As a new video ipod owner…this software is the best!!!
    I’ve used it several times this weekend already.
    Perfect conversion.

    I was wondering would you ever be adding a batch conversion to this.
    Sometimes I have several files and I since my computer is old and slow..would love to set it up before i go to bed and have them ready when I wake up.

    Is that something that might be coming down the road?

    All of your software rocks!!!

    Thanks for everything.

  • by Roland

    Hey! Using YouTubetoMP3 Converter – marvelous tool, great results – thank you! I just subscribed to the nl, so I’m not sure if this is the correct venue for questions, but… I have a long list of FLV to convert. Has anyone figured out a way to run YT->MP3 from a file list, or automate in some way that is less labour intensive than typing (or dragging & dropping) individual paths/files? If not, I’ll probably use Winbatch to create that capability, but I hate reinventing the wheel if there is already a way. Thanks in advance.


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