Get Updates with Free Studio 5.4.6!

YouTube software downloads all possible artist’s playlists and show lists which sometimes caused downloading problems. Moreover, we detected that 3rd party YouTube accelerator(s) such as SpeedBit Video Accelerator may actually prevent YouTube downloading software from working correctly and we managed to fix this issue in the short term. New step-by-step instruction for YouTube playlist downloaders.

CUE files are supported for input in Free Audio Converter from now on. Video converters feature new quality preset for iPad 3.

Find more updates by downloading Free Studio 5.4.6!

Users' comments

  • by Md. Jahangir Alam

    All Software is Well But Install is Difficult ,So I want to Ease Install Proses

  • by DG

    Are you developing converters for ebooks. I am especially interested in and epub to pdf.

    Thank you

    • by admin

      @DG, no, now we do not develop such program, but may be in the future this feature will be added.

  • by kpklung1

    I like in this one .

  • by lukman

    thank you

  • by kaur singh


  • by kicker

    I have been trying to download some music from youtube to mp3 but it’s not working. what going on?

  • by sahir shah

    This is the best software in the world

  • by helder

    this is the best

  • by lightdArkWithiN'

    Why NO AUTO-UPDATE feature ???

    • by admin

      At the moment we are working on improving our system of updates. Hopefully we will manage to implement a new system which will be more convenient for our users.
      Now you can be informed about all updates of the whole Free Studio via email subscriptions.

  • by akshay

    Thank You

  • by jirayr

    Indeed is unique this software

  • by Bruce Shannon

    Thank you for the great software! It is very helpfull to me for learning about my hobby. Getting as much information any other way is hard to do.

  • by Matt

    Hi, I am a loyal consumer of your products (5/5). I just have one problem, and it is about the Free 3GP Converter (Version for it is not giving me audio to my cellphone. If you were wondering yes my phone is compatible with your products because I have used it many times over and over again. I get audio from my computer when I convert it but on my cellphone it doesn’t give any sound at all. I use the High Quality Video (for mobiles) and it doesn’t work, nor does the Standard, Low, and Economic. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • by admin

      @Matt, please, register here and send me a letter describing the problem in details. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

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