How to download YouTube playlist

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website, which allows to watch TV-shows, sport matches, music clips, movie trailers. So you can visit cooking or language courses without leaving the house. YouTube playlist is a collection of videos from one subject. It is a really easy way to find an interesting files array for example with serial ‘Naruto’. With Free YouTube Download you can save your favorite playlists and enjoy collection offline. To download a YouTube playlist you need to make just a couple of steps. 

Paso 1.  Download and install Free YouTube Download

This program is developed by DVDVideoSoft for Mac and PC and have a very user-friendly interface.

Paso 2. Choose playlist

Open YouTube in your browser and find playlist which you want to download.

You can use YouTube Search. Click Filters and choose Playlist under Type.

Moreover you can use other parameters for search: upload date, duration, features, sort by. Find interesting playlists in this list.
Or you can find some playlists in users' accounts. Open YouTube channel, select ‘Playlists’, click an interesting list.
Here you can see thematic lists of videos. Choose an interesting playlist. Pay attention: private playlists are available for download.

Paso 3. Get YouTube URL

So look at some playlist: to the right of the main video there is a list of videos in the playlist that allows to look through quickly other YouTube stream on same subjects very conveniently. You can operate this list and choose videos.

There are two methods to take link to some playlist: you can copy a link from address bar of the browser or click on a playlist image and press ‘Copy link address’.

Go to Free YouTube Download and paste this link. Your playlist will be added to the download list. Repeat this operation to add as many URLs as you need.

Paso 4. Download YouTube playlist

To save playlist in Original YouTube format, сlick the Download button and wait for a while. Be patient: some playlists include a large number of files. Free YouTube Download allows to download hundreds and thousands videos. And that's why it can take a lot of time.
All new channels and videos from the waiting list will be saved in Video folder by default.

Paso 5. Download necessary videos

Click Tools > Options > Output and choose ’Skip downloading if the file already exists’. So Free YouTube Download will save only new videos, which haven't been downloaded yet.
Moreover, you can choose particular files from playlist to download. Save only your favorite YouTube streams. Playlists and channels have a blue inscription, where you can find out total amount of detected clips and channel size. Press it. So you see a list of all videos from YouTube playlist
Here you make your choice. Use useful options: ‘Search’, ‘Sort by’, ‘Select all’, ‘Invert selection’, ‘Selection filtered’ and other opportunities to save your time and find videos without problems.

Paso 6. Enjoy other options

Free YouTube Download allows a huge variety of functions for converting (to MP4, AVI, MP3 and Apple gadgets) and saving video in different qualities (from audio and standard 360p or 480p to high quality as 1080 HD or 4320p 8k).

Moreover, you can change output folder, file name setup, proxy server settings. If you need help with this, follow these How to download videos from YouTube

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer support team

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