Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader

Download subtitles from YouTube and extract them in SRT and TXT.

Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader is a powerful and customisable Windows app that is designed to obtain SRT and TXT subtitles directly from YouTube.

Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader

Also try our YouTube to MP3 converter and YouTube downloader to download music or video from YouTube with embedded subtitles or without.

  • Get TXT and SRT subtitles supported by popular media players.
  • Extract subtitles from the whole text or from a certain interval.
  • Download subtitles from any YouTube video with closed captions.
  • Add timing information to navigate through long video files.

Why download subtitles?

To improve the language skills. The easiest example would be a foreign language film.

Downloading and reading the movie transcript before watching it will help you understand the storyline better.

To create videos with subtitles. The downloaded .srt files can be synced to the video recording to produce onscreen subtitles or closed captions later on.

For educational purposes. You can obtain text from video lectures for self-learning or creating presentations.

Why choose the DVDVideoSoft subtitle downloader?

This app supports most used formats. You can convert video subtitles to plain text or download them as .srt in a couple of clicks.

You can set the language you want. Use this subtitles downloader to export YouTube's auto-generated captions and get subtitles in ,any language available for downloading.

This is a multi-functional and easy to use program for downloading subtitles that even a novice can handle. Configure your subtitles file by adding original or custom timestamps to navigate through the content in the source footage easily. Select the particular interval in case you don't need all. Preview the text before downloading.

Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader is the best app for downloading video subtitles. It brings advanced features to help you create the file you want, but still remains a great, user-friendly choice for everyone. Whether you want a movie transcript or the .srt file with timing this app will do it.

How to download subtitles fromYouTube?

  1. Paso 1.  Run Free YouTube Subtitles Downloader

    Free MP4 Video Converter: iniciar el programa
  2. Paso 2.  Copy YouTube URL for the video with subtitles

    Free MP4 Video Converter: iniciar el programa

    Copy the YouTube URL from your browser or right-click on your video and choose ‘Copy video URL’.

  3. Paso 3.  Paste the video URL

    Free MP4 Video Converter: seleccionar archivos de vídeo de entrada

    Go back to the program itself and press ‘Paste’ to add the video URL for downloading.

  4. Paso 4.  Choose presets

    Free MP4 Video Converter: seleccionar la ubicación del archivo de salida

    Select the file extension and language you want. Use the larger submenu under ‘More options’ to choose the interval and adjust timestamps. Preview the text before downloading.

    Free MP4 Video Converter: seleccionar la ubicación del archivo de salida
  5. Paso 4.  Click ‘Download’ button

    Free MP4 Video Converter: seleccionar la ubicación del archivo de salida

    Press Download and wait till the subtitle file is generated.

  6. That’s all!

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