NEW Free YouTube Download

Soon we are launching BRAND NEW Free YouTube Download! The program will work up to ten times faster now and you can get videos from YouTube on the fly!

More cool features:
– add URLs and set video quality while downloading;
– save your downloading history and in case you lost some videos search them by title;
– detect the type of the video stored on YouTube and download the exact quality that you see there;
– check the YouTube thumbnails in the program interface;
– download videos which require YouTube authorization via Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome;
download YouTube Playlist;
– get videos in HD and Blu-ray quality.

New programs’ architecture will allow us to extend the number of the programs easily, soon we are launching programs downloading from different websites, such as MetaCafe, MTV, MySpace and plenty others.
Follow our updates and soon you will get the best free YouTube downloader!

Users' comments

  • by J-ROD


  • by Philippe Daudi

    is there a Mac version?

  • by MoonDPC


  • by Fluffmeister

    These sound like great features.

  • by Alf Cox

    Bring it on!!

  • by danny6114

    Good deal, keep us informed!

  • by Pierre Riga

    Awesome ! Improvements and extensions are always most welcome. PR.

  • by Chuck

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! i can’t wait! 🙂

  • by Paulo


  • by Bas

    Promising features, but one advice: keep the program layout simple and clean. One of the best things of the programs is that they have a very clean interface.
    When adding all kind of new features, this can easily result in a very heavy program.

  • by Zero

    Great!!!! Good job.

  • by kostas

    Can’t wait for it

  • by Larry

    This is great! You guys/gals do such a great job with your products!!!!
    Any chance you plan on having this available on a mac anytime soon?

  • by evette

    my right click does not work

  • by Roberto Braga

    Muito bom, espero também que lancem um gravador de mídia cd/dvd. Free,O windows XP não tem.
    Seria ótimo se ele transformasse todos os arquivos para player de mesa.

    Muito grato a todos.

    Roberto Braga.

  • by kookaburra

    Just what I need,thank you !!!

  • by tashi


  • by sathanoori

    Fantistic !

  • by alfredo

    Exelente Programa Gracias.

  • by 雷哥


  • by Sergio

    Buenísimo, tengo que verlo y probarlo, gracias genios

  • by ria

    dit is geweldig nieuws,dank uw wel

  • by vicky

    waiting for,,it

  • by Mauricio

    Avísenme por favor

  • by gandhi

    These guys are the best!! U rock!! awesome!

  • by Harold Reast

    What a great programme this will be Congratulations!! I need it for my PC and my MACBOOKPRO.When is it ready Regards “GRUMPY”

  • by Atem Mading

    إنها رائعة … متى سنحصل عليها …

  • by Elin

    Sounds excellent !!! Looking forward to trying it. Love your Free Studio programs, btw – I use them a lot 🙂

  • by marios

    good programms

  • by ahad saeidi

    thank a lot for your greate pages and thank a lot for your personel .

  • by MommieDearest

    So perfection can be improved upon!! This is the most wonderful news ever!!

  • by Tom

    Any idea why my youtube to mp3 stopped working with new download?
    Worked fine before new download.

  • by alshaalan

    i want to know how to download it plz answer

  • by tman

    I’m looking forward to it! It’s 23 March 11 and I can’t download and convert any youtube links to , mps, ipod, etc…

  • by jjpflash

    I have been using your You Tube to MP3, but when tried it tonight it no longer works. Is You Tube blocking the web addresses? Has something happened at You Tube? Will this be addressed and fixed? Also, Foxfire 4 says it will not support these programs.

  • by Stan Proud

    Sounds great!!

  • by Felix

    Is there a version for iPad?

  • by sean

    its amazinly great,i love to use it ,have it always be with it,infact i will always be on it.

  • by SHEIRA

    When will these updates be Effective ? And the youtube to ipod converter i downloaded is no longer working , can someone tell me why ? I have the 3.9 version … I didnt get any news if there was a new one that i had to upload .

  • by Roberto

    Guenial lo espero con ancia.
    Buen trabajo Felicidas

  • by prasanth

    very good youtube

  • by Lynne

    Unreal can’t wait to utilise the program.

  • by juju

    hey girls I want

  • by TiGGeR

    thats tight but the version right now is acting weird like i cant even convert any video it keeps givin me a link broken or sumthin and its never dun that before

    • by admin

      Dear Users,
      YouTube has changed some of their interntal settings and at the moment we are trying hard to solve this problem. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon and you will get new versions of the program that will work properly. Please, be patient. Please, read this thread for more information and post your comments there.

  • by Dorina

    Thanks guys,you are amazing!!!!!!!

  • by Eqbal Hossain

    How nice

  • by EDrJay

    Brill !! bring it on!

  • by Ronald


  • by chara

    Can’t wait!
    It’s 23 of Mach and my YouTube To MP3 is no longer working.
    Why?!?!? I miss it!! I t is so helpfully.

    Please answer

  • by Becky

    awesome cant wait i cant download anythng at the moment so im hoping this will be fixed soon

  • by Emilio


  • by xristos


  • by Theo

    too bad that it d’snt work! you cannot match mp3 and mp4! please fix it. thanks from the netherlands

  • by bants

    yeah goody, can anyone tell me if theres an alternative solution for the time being before this new system is available because I cant use my current youtube to mp3 and when is this out

  • by Jordan

    Its not letting me download the music

  • by Blinky

    Total Stuff Up – Can’t download anything though your sight since the ‘Upgrade”

  • by Dimitris G.Anatasiou


  • by Bettina

    I also have problems since yesterday. None of the selected videos can be downloaded. I continuously get the message “Link does not contain video” even though the video is actually playing. I can’t wait for the new release.

  • by Jenny See

    I need Youtube dowload URL

    Thanks & Best Regards

  • by theotrikala


  • by Eric

    If possible, please add “merge” function so you can merge several youtube clips into one video clip!!

  • by Kaybabyyy

    I can’t wait because my converter isn’t working right now and it’s really starting to agitate me.

  • by diva


  • by Harry

    Please, let me know it’ll be available. I`ll be the 1st one to download it!

  • by Hassan

    Could someone tell me why it stop working? I miss getting videos. And its only been like two days! lol. I just want to know if this is going to be fixed soon. 🙂

  • by Jonathan

    Totally SWEET!

  • by kiven


  • by rene

    I was trying to figure out what was wrong, It’s always good to read the comments, but why doesn’t your download page say anything about it?. It could save people a lot of guessing in vain. In any case, if we have to go to the forum, hell yeah, we’ll go to the forum!

  • by Tokyo

    Alright, cant wait! 🙂

  • by Tokyo

    btw, how soon would it be?

  • by sapa man

    very cool

  • by Ayjayar

    Thanks in advance!

  • by alaa


  • by J.E.Norman

    Too good to be true. At the moment its not happening.

  • by nancy


  • by Derek

    Will there also be a new youtube to mp3, or is that now integrated into this?

  • by SuperTanmay

    I love Youtube

  • by edward

    the original version wont let me download links even those that i already downloaded! and uhhh………………………….PS cant wait 4 this version

  • by raja


  • by THAT'S HOT

    totally awesome!!! LOVE IT!

  • by samtrail

    this is a gr8t program why has it stop working?

    • by admin

      We have fixed the problem! Please, update our programs from this page to get the latest versions. If something still does not work, please post your comments here. We are waiting for your feedback!

  • by Storm

    Is download Artist’s Playlists going to be available on the Youtube to MP3? I think there’s much more sense in that.

  • by allan

    its wonderful

  • by jambars

    Yeah i found i was having the same problem, as of yesterday every link i try and download comes up with “link does not contain video” please fix it soon, im dying without music..

  • by James Boston

    I’ve just downloaded the latest edition of Free YouTube Download, only to find out the system also wanted me to download Microsoft’s .NET framework. (I downloaded the framework, too, but when I try to set up the new version of FYD, the system still doesn’t recognize the newly-installed .NET framework- even after I restarted the computer.) AND I’m right now unable to download any videos, even with FYD 2.9- the program I’m trying to replace with the FYD 2.10 I’ve just downloaded!

    What’s next? Where do I go from here? PLEASE help! (Looking forward to hearing from you…and thanks for everything!)

  • by wrong turn

    there is only fixed the download prob already, isnt it ? There are no new components implemented like downloading music from dailymotion ?

  • by redentor gonzaga

    thanks youtube your the very best!!!

  • by nisaya

    goed !!!!

  • by hanan


  • by ahme can

    its wonderful

  • by tex

    version 2.10.32 comes up with link does not contain video and am not able to download new version. i love this software and i hope you can fix problem. thanx

  • by Andy

    my youtube downloader isn’t working anymore can anyone tell me the problem

  • by lala

    awesome cant wait

  • by redheadgrrl

    GREAT news – can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • by KP

    How wonderful… it really looks like it will be even more user-friendly… like the new look!!!!

  • by karadimos dimitrios

    youre great thank you guys

  • by Panos

    thanx !!!

  • by Random

    I just tried the new ”upgrade” totally awesome! thnx guys!

  • by Hassan

    It still doesn’t work. Even with the update. Is there something we are missing or something? :/

    • by admin

      Hi! If our YouTube programs still don’t work, please, register here and describe your problems in details.

  • by dimos


  • by Lady

    great!!! Works wonderful! Love it!

  • by Baz

    Fantastigorical – really impressed with the forecast, we can hardly wait for it to arrive, thank you.

  • by blakstealth

    The updated program worked! Thanks a lot, you guys!

  • by nasos

    when this is gonna be available to us????

  • by edgar

    its owesome

  • by Scoitt

    The DVD Video Soft products get better every month.

  • by Jay

    Excellent !!!

  • by abdkani


  • by (((

    youtube заблокировал сервера (( теперь нельзя скачать вобще ничего((( ффффаааак((((

  • by Give

    Cool !!

  • by Mr Pakistan

    Thats great when it is available for download ?????

  • by taiswag

    yea yea

  • by adnan

    soft ware you tube

  • by Chat


  • by lol

    can i have one

  • by ritarossi

    viene scritto il programma non ha scaricato alcuni video

  • by Mooo

    hi! when the new youtube downloader will be available? Thank you

  • by hrvoje


  • by thanasis

    δεν μπορώ να κατεβάσω τραγούδια σε mp3. γιατί σταμάτησε να λειτουργεί;θα διορθωθεί;

  • by OLALA

    Hey when it will be available?

  • by עמית

    איך אפשר להוריד את התוכנה הזאת ????

  • by Anjelica96!

    heyy when will be available ? -.-‘

  • by Anjelica96!

    i need music in my phone ;//

  • by dad

    very good

  • by Elis

    I love the program, i’ve version 3.9.33 but it doesn’t work any longer (link does not contain video it says)
    so please tell me when the new program is available, i really need new music!


  • by ya1000

    ¿como puedo descargar gratis la ultima version mas reciente de download youtube? saludos a todo el team de softwear libre, you tube…..!

    • by admin

      ¡Hola! Todavía estamos trabajando en este programa. Vamos a publicarlo muy pronto. Sigue nuestras noticias, publicaremos todas las actualizaciones aquí 🙂

  • by tex

    the old version stopped working and i cant dowload the new version

  • by sspark

    mine stop working also..

  • by mike stepansky

    Why do we all get this error in Free YouTube Download…”Invalid Floating Points Operation” when I click the .flv file that was already download from this Free YoutTube Download? thx

    • by admin

      Hello mike stepansky! Please register here and send me a message, the subject should indicate “From mike stepansky for Helene”. I’ll send you further instructions. Thank you!

  • by meme


  • by J Costa

    It looks like FANTASTIC!

  • by tamer

    thanks a lot

  • by shafeek

    thank you alot

  • by tommy

    looks cool – how soon is soon? cant wait!

  • by baker

    how to downlod i cant whait oh wow

  • by dimitris


  • by Liis.

    Is it out now? When it is where i can download it? Link please 😀

  • by chucky

    when does it come out

  • by kristen

    when can i get the latest version because i cant seem to find were to download it at. when i click on it, it sends me to cnet downloads and it will not let me download nothing what do i need to do please help me and tell me where to go to get this program i really love this program.

  • by bants

    Not happy now, its takin too long. not good!

  • by Vinu

    Pourquoi le download ne marche pas. Quand je l’essaie, j’ai une reponse disantt que le lien de video n’existe plus. Repondes s’il vous plait.

  • by tex

    same problem as kristen

  • by melody43

    Looking forward to it. Please advise when the new version can be downloaded.

    Sounds awesome.

  • by Rafael Nunes


  • by tk

    where is the download button?

  • by dalai


  • by Ryan

    PLEASE bring this to the Mac!!!

  • by alaa


  • by mhtdur

    Not happy now, its takin too long. not good!

  • by foong


  • by bankdo2202


  • by aws alkaissi

    its great i need it now

  • by Ricsi

    Youtube 🙂 🙂

  • by Ricsi

    🙂 =)

  • by K3KSI

    Cool nur schade das man es runterladen muss ich habe verbot….

  • by ning


  • by Vishwajeet

    right, where is the download button?

  • by dhick

    its great………

  • by alhadad


  • by YOMAMA


  • by Donna

    Lets go.

  • by kristen


  • by Dana

    no comment today

  • by peter

    It is a good news because I fed up with the old fashion you tube downloaders, either not working properly or there is bugs, stopping to work after sometimes.

    I wonder, when this software will be out. If you can announce the date as well, will be great.
    Thanks for the good work

  • by Amit Patel

    i really like studio……………………

  • by yossef

    very good

  • by gogi9999

    SWEET!!!!!!AWSOME!!!!!!!NICE!!!!!!! THE BEST FOR HUMAN KIND !!!!!!!!! THE BEST WEB SITE FOR DOWNLODING EVER ( FOR ME )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by bishal

    the youtobe mp3 copey is not accept plze help me

  • by WISEGUY On Earth

    It’s really great…!! I look forward to see when this program will be launch. I love all the people who keeping their best effort and their good job to create this free-software. Keep on the good work guys.

  • by Lakshmanrao

    New DVDVideo software When it is expected ?

  • by HaWaRii

    WoOw it’s a gr8 one 😀 soo how can i Download it 🙁 ?

  • by anwar

    a like this guys

  • by justin

    very good,when i can do download of it,i”m excited for that….great job…..keep it up…….

  • by stefi


  • by Brooks


  • by adrian

    thank you

  • by adrian

    when’s it comin out????? 🙁 need it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by senan


  • by werawat

    very good program

  • by Jason

    NEW Free YouTube Download FTW

  • by peter


  • by halodudify

    awesome but when does it release

  • by 2ne1bangs

    when it will come out???
    can’t wait…

  • by vakas


  • by prasert

    thank you

  • by GO!

    Its been just a month you wrote this!

  • by regie

    I am very thankful for this software, now i can easily download all movies that i want from youtube… Thank you very much…….

  • by damin

    veri najsss

  • by donatoadelphos


  • by wilmar

    Es muy buen programa

  • by SATHISH


  • by poolcleanerguy

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat i can’t wait

  • by mobtyg

    how doi download it tell me

  • by GA

    Por que no.. another month… why not.. 🙁

  • by ryan

    i hope it comes out soon the other youtube downloader u guys have isnt workin so yeaj

  • by IRydb3rg


  • by shafeek


  • by dipsritz

    sounds awesome… ps i miss your dvd decrypter 🙁

  • by tasos


  • by charles

    canyu send me what i needo download your stuff please

  • by Bob

    Just downloaded a new version – but looks identical to the previous one. Am i missing somthing or is there a problem with the link?

    • by admin

      Hi Bob! You downloaded the current version of the program. We are working on the new version. Please subscribe to our free newsletter and be informed about all updates.

  • by nartip

    -Acum am sa incerc sa-l folosesc,dar la instalare a amintiti ca are probleme cu ceva coduri.

  • by arif

    thank you

  • by qusaiy


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