Finally Launched: Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta!

We have launched Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta with redesigned interface and a great variety of new functions. Now you can add URLs and set video quality while downloading, save history and search downloaded videos by title, detect the type of the video stored on YouTube and have other cool features!

You can buy 1-year Rocket Subscription and make Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta work up to several times faster downloading videos from YouTube. The paid subscription is optional.

Take a look at our new YouTube playlist downloader guide.

Please leave your comments about Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta on our News Page, Forum or our Facebook Page. We are waiting for your feedback.

Users' comments

  • by omer


  • by Tony H Siagian

    Great !

  • by Tll

    No more video detection from Uploads page? No more acceleration option in the Options page?

  • by JB

    I don’t do ‘beta’ software. When the final version of YouTube Download 3 comes out. I will then install it. Until then I will either continue to use YouTube Download 2 or do without.

  • by Helen

    I think that this version proves that new doesn´t necessarily mean better. The first time I used it I got this message: Download failed. Video detection error. I tried again with the same result and finally reverted to the previous version which downloaded the video with no problem. After that I went back and tried to download another video with the Beta version and got this alien message which was apparently beamed from a planet outside our galaxy: Object reference not set to an instance of an object…after which it actually began to download the video…very very slowly. I can see why it would need the optional extra. It could do with a rocket under it to speed things up.
    As for the above message I´d be grateful if you could translate this into something a native English speaker can understand! Plain English would do rather than gobbledegook.

    • by admin

      Hi Helen! Thank you for your comments! Please, paste the link here which you can not download with the new Free YouTube Download.
      A beta version is basically a test version of a software program. Therefore there are some problems. But we will work on the program further and try to eliminate these problems.

  • by Phillip


  • by Abdul Hanan

    The free youtube downloader is the best software.

  • by Ciro

    Mi fa piacere ma come si può usare in modo gratuito?

  • by Tom Lee

    It’s helpful and easy to use. Thank you very much.

  • by admin

    Buongiorno Ciro,
    nuovo Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta è gratis.
    È possibile acquistare l’abbonamento Rocket per un anno e Free YouTube Download 3.0 Beta funzionerà e scaricherà video YouTube fino a alcune volte più velocemente. Ma l’abbonamento a pagamento è facoltativo. È possibile scaricare, installare ed usare Free YouTube 3.0 Beta gratis senza l’abbonamento Rocket.

  • by edimilson marcos

    É um serviço público excelente, eu uso sempre e agradeço a esta empresa.



  • by julio

    muy bueno gracias

  • by julio silva

    Voces não tem a pagina em portuggues, no loguin eu pus portugues brasil
    ou traduzida

    • by admin

      Hola, aquí puedes ver esta noticia en portugués.

  • by Elsener

    Gostei, ótimo, aprovado por minha pessoa, meus parabéns ao programa.

  • by fidel

    herramienta perfecta al igual que todas las que manejan y nos hacen el favor de hacernoslas free, mil gracias

  • by marlon90126

    its good

  • by martine

    Version 3 beta? The latest I installed was 5.0.9. So isn’t this really a new version?

    • by admin

      Hi martine! You have Free Studio 5.0.9 on your PC. But we present you the beta version of Free YouTube Download.

  • by Sankar Majumdar

    Great … its excellent like anything…

  • by gaoshi888


  • by messiah

    es excelente

  • by Jair Alcebiades

    Muito bom.

  • by philip


  • by sam

    Thanks for this program.

  • by reda


  • by Badaruche

    With a very bad english I’LL tell you what I thinf

    Very good,
    Véry simple too use It makes me happyn very happy
    It is free, free, and better than commercials

    Think you of all

    From Mr Badara Dia, Rufisque Dakar Sénégal

  • by Badaruche

    How can I do, too have your good small flying “”bird”” in my desktop

    I like it

    • by admin

      Hi Badaruche! Thank you for your kind words! The small flying bird is Animated Twitter Bird. Google how to integrate into your blog or website.

  • by Ross Armour

    Question. Do u just download videos from Youtube. I mean can u put it on Ipods, Mp3 etc.

    • by admin

      Hi Ross! Now this program can only download videos. But we plan to update all YouTube programs. You can use Free Video to MP3 Converter and Free Video to iPod Converter for converting downloaded videos.

  • by T Mike

    Thanks for the eMail notice about this testing opp-
    works great from here, the ones I tried were successful ( on -Vista Home/HP Pav Laptop)
    found a list finally @ :
    I had a hard time easily finding the status ‘bar’ to check DL progress & would suggest an easier way for us to make sure it is working, the approx speed would be nice for us to figure our time commitment per movie..:)- yea/yea-what do we expect fer nuttin- eh- LOL

  • by mena


  • by sam

    Is this have resume capability?

    I mean lets suppose that, the pc resets while we downloading a youtube channel! then v.2 had to download it from the beginning or manually compare & remove downloaded files!

    May I download a channel with resume feature from the last download?


  • by Canuck50

    Sorry but “Freemake Video Downloader” is still the best. It doe’s not only download but also converts to any format you like. Works with many more sites than just YouTube.

  • by Musthafa

    It’s very helpful thanx

  • by kevin


  • by pradeep yadav

    its best!!

  • by Tom

    Great software, Please keep the change-the-output folder field on the first page for quickest fill-in by the user to decide where to keep the output file.

  • by Graham

    I’ve been using the software to download clips for quite a while and have been really happy with it.
    Yesterday I downloaded the new version and downloaded 3 clips, after which I got the video detection error.
    I tried to open youtube to check the link and youtube appears to have banned my IP!
    I can’t get a connection to youtube with any browser (IE, Firefox) on any of the computers on my router.
    When I used a proxy I managed to connect, but obviously that isn’t an alternative in the long run. It seems whatever I do my ISP always allocates me the same IP address so I can’t get it changed permanently.

    Anyway – basically a warning that it seems youtube are unhappy with automatic downloading and are able to detect it in some way. Anyone with an idea of how to get my IP unblocked please leave a comment.

    • by admin

      Graham, please register here and send me a message, the subject should indicate “For Helene from Graham”. We will try to find a solution for you.

  • by vishal rana

    i like that

  • by DJ Scooby Doo

    I like the software but I don’t like the new YouTube downloader interface, you have to click a lot to get to the actual place you want to download the video.. I liked the old one… Well I can’t complain it is free 🙂

  • by wez

    I used this great software a lot but since I updated to v3.0.4 build 628 I can no longer download from youtube. I get the error: “download failed: video detection error”. Huge pity!!! I used realplayer instead but it would be great to see a fix for this.

    • by admin

      Hi wez! Can you download any links? Please send me some links for tests?

  • by Mark Blick

    I’m currently frustrated because my video songs no longer downloads directly into i-tunes from either Free Studio v 5.1.4 or the Beta 3.0 and I’m unable to add them into i-tunes from my recently downloaded video folder, PLEASE HELP

  • by Eriador


    i noticed i cant download anyting anymore from youtube..
    not 1 link works anymore..
    are you guys aware of this ?

    friendly regands

  • by Daniel Oosterhuis

    I can tell the software is broken at the moment. Video detection fails on any link. Just not only 1 link. If you could find out what YouTube has changed in their system i’m sure this problem can be fixed in a few minutes to a few hours.

  • by On the Ones and Twos


    I noticed the same thing. It’s actually quite annoying. I get an error message which reads, “This Video Contains Content from EMI. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on Youtube”. If I can’t download ANYTHING on the Youtube Downloader, what’s the point of having it?

  • by Monica


    i am not able to download anything from youtube.
    please advise!!


  • by Moses

    I have been trying to download songs so many times,but no luck…and I have been using the very same version( 5.0.10) for some time,it was working well,but today or should i say lately i keep getting this funny error messages…are you guys busy with some upgrades or…..??

  • by Mac

    I can,t download anything that I try. It WAS great, but if it doesn,t work it,s not worth having. Even if it is free!!

  • by Kamau

    Hi.I’m a resident of Kenya and I have started using the 3.0.11 version.I have two questions though.

    1.Would the rocket subscription guarantee higher speeds than the free one?
    2.May I ask my sister residing in the US to pay for it on my behalf since it would be easier?


  • by Joanna

    Not so good, I have always used this site and the new version doesnt work it just keeps coming up with the error message that download failed, the same as other people have experienced – do you plan on fixing this? I hope so!! If not just bring back the old version!!

  • by q13e5

    the video wont reconvert on the new one but it works on the old one

  • by Elizabeth

    Hi, I downloaded Free Youtube Downloader version 3.111 and it WAS working just fine! I could’ve downloaded anything.. but then I started getting a weird message saying, “object reference not set to an instance of an object”… and I honestly cannot figure out what they’re talking about! If you could help me out I would really appreciate it!

    • by admin

      @ Elizabeth, register here and send me the short message. Please, describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.

  • by DREAD


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