Enjoy More Updates from DVDVideoSoft!

We have prepared a bunch of new features which will surely be appreciated by everyone.

First of all we announce that Free Screen Video Recorder is released from beta version and added to the set of Free Studio.

Next important updates are related to YouTube programs. The downloading programs will support Browser context menu integration. Now it will be possible to start downloading any YouTube link by clicking on the right mouse button and choosing a DVDVideoSoft program in the context menu. This function may be enabled or disabled in Options menu where the corresponding box needs to be checked.

Moreover, now age-restricted videos on YouTube are available for download again (login is required in Firefox or Internet Explorer). One more long-time-requested feature is that our YouTube tools manage to detect videos from YouTube playlist which have been downloaded during the current session and skip them.

Free YouTube Uploader also features some updates such as ability to upload bigger files (up to 1 gb) as well as showing real time progress of the uploading process.

More updates are introduced in video converting software. Now you can choose an audio stream when converting videos (previously by default it was the first audio stream). An annoying mistake of Access violation at 69% has been also corrected. In addition to these updates, .mkv files are added as input files for all video converters.

In Free Video to Flash Converter bugs are eliminated within the Preset Editor where previously the program failed to perform after introducing customized data.

Don’t forget to check our updated Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

However, if the errors still occur, please contact our Help Desk service to get the latest instructions on all error fixes. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions on improving DVDVideoSoft programs.

Users' comments

  • by Emile

    is the browser context menu integration not compatible with google chrome?

  • by Kane


    I downloaded your vid-iphone converter some time ago- best converter I’ve ever found. What I want to know is, why is it that every time you offer an update my experience gets worse? Seriously!!

    I updated the second to last update, and you added the very annoying download toolbar pest/annoyance function (despite the fact that I didn’t want it in the first place when I installed the update), and your most recent update now doesn’t add my converted files to itunes. Please- you’re going backwards here from a user perspective. At the very least, allow us to download and reinstall the previous versions because I’m pretty annnoyed that I updated only to be dudded.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback,


  • by Ben

    Hello peop[le,

    I like using DVDsoft and it’s easy to use for example You Tube downloads video’s to my Ipod .
    I can’t download the toolbaar and do not now why that comes??
    I still have to find out what I can do more with the dvd videosoftprogramm, but I wil find out.

    Thanks for this programm.

    Frendly greatings,


  • by Jinny

    I expect I will enjoy all kinds of moving pictures more free.
    Thanks for yout help.

  • by admin

    Please, refer to our Forum Page or Help Desk to place any question you have related to our software.

  • by Avik

    I accsepy now converter

  • by AST

    Hi, i really like using freestudio, of all the youtube downloader I found this pretty easy and cool!, but I want to know Y some of the youtube links gets an error when im trying to download them, not like before in the old versions every link is downloadable, it makes me download the old version again, but I like the new look of freestudio, so I hope this new version works like the old ones,
    Please feedback, Thanks a lot for this programm,

  • by admin

    To AST:
    I sent the answer to your e-mail.

  • by donna

    How do you convert RAR files?

  • by donna

    How do you convert RAR files to AVI files using Freestudio?

  • by admin

    RAR file is an archive file. What format files are in your archive? First of all you should extract files from RAR file.

  • by deen


  • by skye

    could i use the dvd decryptor to copy and burn wii games?

  • by Shayla

    So for some reason when i tried to use the Youtube to mp3 converter yesterday and today i couldn’t download almost anything besides 2 songs out of 20 and now can’t seem to download any. Every time i try to it says an error has occurred before it even starts. Please help?

  • by i-cute

    i like the older version better than the new far none of youtube can be converted to mp3 when i updating with the new version.
    A chrome compatible is also appreciated if can.

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