YouTube Software Updates

We are updating our YouTube downloading programs. Now it will be possible to get a wider range of videos which previously could not be downloaded due to internal changes on YouTube website.

As more changes may occur next week, more updates may be published. Thus we advise you to download the latest version of our programs and stay in touch to be the first to know about new updates, we will surely keep you informed.

Users' comments

  • by Andes

    Thank you very much for this kind of notice and remainder

  • by Starman2110

    No word on the youtube uploader then.

  • by Willie MacGregor

    Thank you for the update.

  • by jaqueline

    eu nao sei como baixar musicas…

  • by tieria M


  • by marcus

    Does this mean something is going to be done to fix the current UMG blocking issue? I hope so.

  • by yhel

    i cant download songs from youtube now, because the URL is invalid wat wil i do to so dat i can download songs from youtube agen

  • by nacim

    clip fisch und andre wie mach ich das!!!!!!!!
    es gibt nicht nur youtube!!!

  • by Robert

    Thanks for the notice because I couldn’t the URLs of the videos I want to download.

  • by angelo

    i cant download music when wel the next update be

  • by admin

    To Robert: Yes

  • by dominic

    It says error when i try to download now. Something about content from UMG?? this has not happend before. Someone help me please?

  • by Daniel

    why my download start from the beginning again when my Internet connection down for a second.. can this software continyu download the last recent download? sorry for my bad english friends.. 🙂

  • by s.zomer

    Is youtube discovering this program or something?
    I can’t seem to put youtube videos / episodes on my iPod anymore.
    I’ve tried it with the old version on this converter, but also with the latest.

    What do I need to do to still be able to transfer youtube videos to my iPod?

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