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  • by wouter

    maybe I do that 🙂

  • by Daniel Jr

    I am soo sorry that I can’nt “paste” it to you the “free studio 4.8 setup”, “free youtube to mp3 converter”, tpo can see with your own eyes the “results”, of your work!
    Ain’t enything related on firewall, or proxi server( that by the way, I would’nt ever prefer to use it, rather than die!, is’nt about eny of known issue related on it has being a usual matter, not even about the site(it was tolking about in here exactly ‘’, who actually alows me to toke that videoclip and shape it up my ass , if I would like that too !)…and so, I’ll never know why this crap do’nt work enylonger, for my “nigger ass” !
    If you know something, please let me know at:””.
    I love this soft, and use it very much either,since yestarday, or to be more exactly since a hour a go..
    but it seems that “the miracles it won’nt take unless than 3 days longer”, as usual..!…It sacks, but thats it! Iwish to all of a people who’s gonna read my rows, more happynes tha I’ve meet since now!M.

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