Welcome to Release of Free Screen Video Recorder Beta!

Today we announce Beta release of one more useful program – Free Screen Video Recorder which allows you to easily record different screen activities and capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions.

As it is fully new program, we are awaiting for your suggestions on its improvement as well as we are open to any comments and corrections which you can offer. We will do our best to implement your ideas in the next versions.

Users' comments

  • by Nils Torben

    It would be nice, if the program dit not crash emediately, before even starting. (XP Pro).

  • by Ray Hoover

    I have a problem with this new program—It will capture video for about a minute and then quit.
    Down-loaded 2nd time, didn’t help. Also rebooted, didn’t help.

    I can tell that I will like program once I can keep it running.

    Ray Hoover

  • by PARTH

    i like this very much

  • by deng

    thank you

  • by ABC

    This is very useful indeed, however it would be even better if it can take a screen shot of the lists under menus, So for example, in Photoshop, when you press on file, the only way of getting a screen shot of that list is by using the built in screen shot feature in windows.This however captures the whole image, and I have to go through the trouble of cropping. I’m sure this can be implemented with a simple keyboard shortcut.

    Other than that, this is great!

  • by Charlie

    After you click on the panel to choose what type of capture you want….you say click on ____ to capture image. Do you click on the panel & then click on the image? Or draw a line around it??? It’s not very clear. I don’t know when the image has been captured! I love the pogram. I’m using it to take stills off of a slideshow from my daughter’s wedding. Can you explain in a little more detail please? Thank you…

  • by TomPier

    great post as usual!

  • by admin

    Please, refer to our Forum Page or Help Desk to place any question you have related to our software.

  • by Thisguy

    really good but no sound

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