The launch of an updated version of Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader, a software vendor of user-centered apps and services, today announced the launch of an updated version of Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader.

The main feature of this new update is an absolutely clean and easy-to-read text rather than a .srt file with redundant information.

The expanded list of options include the ability to:

– download subtitles in any language available
– select time interval to download subtitles
– choose standard timestamps to use in players
– place time stamps at a selected time interval for easy reading and navigation
– save as .srt format or plain text

Currently,’s team of developers is working on the third version of YouTube subtitles downloader which will make output text even cleaner.

Some of the new options will allow the ability to:

– delete hyphenations, empty lines and combine text into sentences
– delete any unrelated technical commentaries (laughter, music, applause)
– breaks the text into semantic paragraphs, based on pauses in speech

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