The fact you should to know about YouTube HQ video

Now there are 3 types of video available on YouTube:
– FLV normal quality;
– FLV higher quality;
– MP4 higher quality (available for iPhone users).

When you click a link below the video that says “watch in high quality”, you see FLV higher quality video. But eventually MP4 higher quality is even HIGHER than FLV higher quality. YouTube’s MP4 files encoded with more advanced codec, have a higher resolution, stereo sound and higher audio bit rate.

Several days ago we updated our software and now you can get the highest available quality video from YouTube with our tools:
Free YouTube Download;
Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter;
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter

And using Free YouTube to MP3 Converter you can get near audio CD quality sound from YouTube video. Previous versions transform MONO sound to STEREO. It was not really good. The latest one extracts original stereo sound from video files. It’s good 🙂

Users' comments

  • by Marci

    OK, but how to download that “MP4 higher quality” videos?
    Just pick the format in the application “Formats: -> MP4 Video”?
    Or that format picking means re-encoding after the FLV downloaded?

  • by admin

    Yes, just pick the format in the application “Formats: -> MP4 Video” and the program will download the original MP4 video from YouTube without re-encoding.

  • by Marci

    Thanks, I will try that unique feature of this program 😉

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