Re-written Free Video Dub

Free Video Dub is an easy-to-use video editing tool to cut videos which have been recorded by any camera. The program has gone through global internal changes and now it supports more file formats: previously only MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 were supported, now you can easily cut MP4 videos with h.264 and MPEG4 codecs without re-encoding thus without losing original quality!
We go on developing the program and we are open to any suggestions on our Forum Page (about functionality, design, new models of cameras and videos you record and cannot cut with the program yet, etc.). Post any comment you have!

Users' comments

  • by gerardo

    can i convert any video format to dvd

  • by David Thomson

    The ability to use the left and right arrow keys to identify the specific frame to start/end a cut is essential for any such tool to be both speedy and user friendly. I realise this means recoding intermediate frames which might take it beyond the range of a freeware utility.

    Secondly, a seperate small display of the last frame for inclusion after the start of a cut is selected, and the frame after the end of a cut is chosen, to be vetted before confirmation of the cut, and perhaps by highlighting them and moving them by using the left and right arrow keys, would make it a class leading tool.

    It would be halpful if full details as to MP4/MP2 and TS video and audio type compatibilities could be itemised.

  • by Rubén

    Acerca de la aplicación Free Video Dub. Cuando se seleciona el corte de un video, el resultante no tiene sonido. ¿Cómo soluciono eso?

  • by Yohanes Sutarno

    thenks for download free studio 5

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