New software coming soon…

Dear All, I’d like to inform you that we are working hard at new programs and this month you should expect several new titles from DVDVideoSoft. These are:
– Free Audio Converter;
– Free Video to DVD Converter;
– Free Disc Burner;
– Free DVD Video Burner;
– Free Audio CD Burner.

Also we will update our existing ones. For example Free Video to Flash Converter will offer new advanced player skins with more controls, like the BIG play button on the video, rewind and fast forward buttons, volume control, auto load enable/disable and full screen mode preview.

Keep up watching our news!

Users' comments

  • by Antonio

    Awesome Can’t wait
    but will you also make a Free Youtube HQ Downloader now since YT has HQ?

  • by kelsey

    hello, im trying to add my favorite video to my computer to upload on youtube but, it will not work. One worked but, it won’t open do you think you could help me out?

  • by Farahan ali

    There should be more option for 3gp formet

  • by Ricardo Landa

    I hope that consider the option to add Windows Media Audio Pro and HE ACC v2 (most competitive formats actually) to audioconverter. Congratulations for all your software, it is excellent. Also 2-pass conversion (to conserve the best quality) and autodeleting of initial/final silences are useful options. Thanks!

  • by erick

    ok mine is not workin any more i just stoped showin up on my desktop and its not download in the full vid email me and tell me wat to do

  • by GLP_KUDAL

    To Download HQ videos from YouTUBE there is No Problem what so ever!!!!
    After Copying the URL Just add “&fmt=18” at the end of the Normal URL.If the HQ Version is available it will nicely Download.

    I have Downloaded a Few Hundred Video Files From YouTUBE with this trick which I got From YouTUBE!!!

    All The Best

  • by GLP_KUDAL

    It is 31 st July and Honestly I expected atleast a few of the announced Free softwares released by Today. Unfortunately Nothing New has been released.
    I am Eagerly Awaiting The New Lot

  • by Justin

    I downloaded the Youtube to iPod converter but whenever i put in the URL it says that there is no video to download.

  • by Justin

    Can any one help with my problem above

  • by dholepatil

    Justin Has Reported a problem with YouTube to ipod converter. But…….
    I just downloaded and Tried it and I do not find any Problem there.

    However I have Found some Problem with a few Videos which in Process of Download reported that there is No Video to Download.Particularly if they are from a Partner site

  • by Sea

    ^_^ Seems pretty good.
    *can’t wait till released*

  • by Qistina

    Every single time i download the youtube to iphone converter it keeps saying there’s an error. n it won’t install. can someone please tell me on how to resolve this matter?

  • by Antonio-FJM

    You guys should also get a DVDscreencapper
    that would be awesome

  • by Basabumm

    Err, the Youtube to mp4 converter isn’t accepting the URLs ><

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