New Free Studio Is Officially Released

New Free Studio changes its Beta status and from now on it will be our official version published in our website.

Due to recent changes in YouTube video files hosting routine, we have introduced updates in the set of our YouTube downloading programs to follow the latest YouTube modifications.

More improvements are related to video converting processes as our converters are enriched with new engine. This fact will surely let you enjoy our programs much more. Though we can assume that some problems will arise and we are ready to accept your suggestions and comments about the errors which you have encountered. We will do our best to fix them!

And finally we release our renewed Free YouTube Uploader, which was so long awaited. However soon we will update it again. The new features will be: uploading of bigger files, splitting of long video into episodes and creating of playlists as well as showing of real-time uploading progress.

Welcome to this must-have release of Free Studio. Be the first to get it!

Users' comments

  • by Sergio Daniel

    Gracias por este programa, y por su dedicación hacia los usuarios, cualquier comentario se lo aré saber, desde Buenos Aires Argentina

  • by Jeanmicheu


    I am pleased to have received the link to download your new version of FreeStudio, but when I click on the “download” button, a window opens proposing to download another software : WideStream.
    It looks interisting to speed-up downloads, but I’m surprised to get this link from you.
    Is it really a software that YOU advise to use, or is it a spam, fishing or virus, or … I don’t know ?

    I would not like to get a dangerous software.

    Thanks to reply.


  • by gaby

    For me this is the best convertor ,best of the best

  • by Al Croxall

    lately I have not been able to past the url into this program…..I hope the new version overcomes that.

  • by Craigushka

    Since I run across this program, it has been very useful to me, and it’s a very great software as far as I am concerned. I cannot believe it’s free. Thanks,

  • by Jerry Hogan

    I am legally blind and would appreciate if you can make the Video more easier using the keysboard. I use Jaws11 that is a speech software for the blind. I like to send file to other U.S Veterans around the US. Thank you.

  • by Sergio Daniel

    Con el único programa que tuve problemas es para grabar los DVD, se apagó la computadora y marco un error, lo cual no identifica que tipo de error, lo demás funciona perfecto, practico y en español muchas gracias por FreeStudio, es un programa gratuito de buena calidad , sigan así Sergio Daniel desde Buenos Aires Argentina


    nesicito un convertidor de prueva para ipod

  • by luz

    y cant i download ne video it says somthin umg video restricted y is that??? i tryd updating n all that n still the same it keeps teln me i need to update i do it this second time lets see?

  • by jaime

    very good program, everyone should use ……..

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