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Free Video to Flash ConverterPrevious week we updated Free Video to Flash Converter. Here I’d like to tell you more about this new version.

The new features are
– full screen mode;
– volume control;
– autoload enable/disable feature;
– autoplay enable/disable feature;
– loop playback;
– big play button on the video;
– play list;
– subtitles support;
– hot keys support.

As you see all the features our users wanted were implemented. The program interface is almost the same as it was before, but the flash player itself has undergone significant changes. To tell the truth it is completely new player.

Its design is rather strict, but the colours of all player elements are customisable. And we created about 80 different themes for the player. I hope you will find the matching one for your particular site.

I may say that the new player has the classic style and I think it is good. Anyway if you miss for old player or have any questions, let us know:

Now please read the updated guide for Free Video to Flash Converter.

The flash player source codes can be found here:

And learn more about player types and settings. There four types of the new flash player. They differ from each other by number of controls. The Mini player has only the play/pause button and the seek bar. The Classic player has the stop button, the volume control and time area additionally. The Maxi player has the full screen mode button and the Multi player has all necessary controls to navigate between several videos in the play list.

Users' comments

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  • by shahin

    How can I covert swf to flv or other video formats?

  • by Lumen

    Hi! I want to know how to convert swf to flv as well….can you help?
    constellation leo history

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