Important Updates

We have prepared new versions of burning programs: Free Disc Burner and Free DVD Video Burner. The programs have become more stable and reliable due to global internal changes, but the interface and programs’ functionality remain the same.

Free 3D Photo Maker features new algorithm and now it is possible to make a 3D photo out of just one picture. However, it is worth mentioning that the quality of output 3D picture depends on the original material: macro photography will work perfectly while with a panoramic photo you might not reach the desired 3D effect. In general the process of converting has been streamlined considerably.

Audio converting programs now feature info tags support in a great variety of formats: .mp4, .mp3, .ape, .flac, .wma, .mpc, .asf, .aiff, .wav, .tta, .ogg. As you can see we have also added new audio formats.

All YouTube downloading programs have also been updated. For Google Chrome users we added cookies’ support for this browser. Now you can easily download videos which require YouTube authorization.

Get all updates at once by downloading Free Studio 5.0.4!

Users' comments

  • by User

    There are some problems in DVD burner.

    If I burn DVD and play it with DVD player, it doesn’t works. I checked DVD player but it wasn’t the problem.

    Also, there are some bugs in Video to iPod Converter. Please check it.

    • by admin

      Hi! Please register here and describe your problems in details. We will send you further instructions there!

  • by anthony

    just newly download this programs will command later thanks

  • by Nemecsek

    I use VS C# 2010 (for programming) that is using .NET Framework 4. I installed also 3.5, but the 2.0 .NET Framework I cannot install (because of 3.5 and 4.0). What can I do about .NET Framework?

    • by admin

      Hello Nemecsek! If you have installed .NET Framework 3.5 you shouldn’t install the version 2.0. Our programs support only Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

  • by Jan

    Am I doing something wrong? Just lately, all my YOUTUBE TO MP3 dowmnloads are in mono, despite originally being in stereo.

    Is it me or would you be able to help with this.
    Running latest version of s/w.


    • by admin

      Jan, what preset do you select? Please, select the preset MP3 – Economy Quality (64 Kbps, 22050 Hz, Mono)

  • by Leo

    Hi Admin. I just wanted to say MANY THANKS to you all who make possible this software be so useful!! You guys are worth paying! Keep this really good work up!

    – Leo.

  • by Nemesis

    I’m having problems with the 3D Photo Maker. It keeps saying that it “can not read the image”. I have to uninstall the entire Free Studio program and re install it everytime I want to use the 3D Photo Maker software. I have the latest version of the Free Studio downloaded to my computer.

    • by admin

      Hello Nemesis! Try to run the program as an administrator even through you are the administrator. Right-click on the program icon and choose “Run as administrator” in context menu.

  • by ty

    Uhmm…. just downloaded the latest version of the youtube video to mp3 converter…. and no matter what link i put into the converter, it says that the link does not contain a video… help?


    Nice to use…

  • by moedbet

    Thank you – this is awfully helpful !

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