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Users' comments

  • by AL khaliq

    Thanks for makeing it possable

  • by Wim Ardon

    many thanks for making it possible to work with your free soft.

  • by Lolo974

    Merci pour tous ces utilitaires Free Soft, extremement utiles au quotidien, qui nous simplifie la vie de tous les jours.
    Très utiles aux amateurs comme moi, car ils sont simples à utiliser et aussi je crois aux “pros”.
    Je vous remercie encore pour toute cette production et pour tout le support que vous apportez continuellement;

  • by cmdonw

    Finally someone took the time to create some really useful software. The free software is an especially nice touch. Some of us really know “if it’s free, it’s for me.” And for no-cost software that works for anyone from the beginner to the expert. Great!

  • by Alex

    Useful and simply tool even it is free!! Great!!

  • by AzTeX

    The best products out there period!!!!!!
    thanks so much for your amazing products!
    I have recomended this stuff to everone I know cuz it really is amazing and FREE!!!

  • by Aseer

    In fact I love your program too much and in fact your you help me more than I expect because this I want to say thank you thank you and thank you very much,,,

  • by Lili

    The best free software that really works. Fantastic!!!!!!!

  • by Liam

    Great free programs that have made my life a lot easier

  • by GLP_KUDAL

    It is wonderful Bunch of Softwares that Really give me Gr8 help and solutions to my Problems. Video Dub, Rotate is very good. YouTUBE Downloader is simply supurb!!! and the feature that enables download in avi format makes it very easy to make videoCDs.
    I am eagerly awaiting the release of the New Softwares that were announced on 4 th July 2008.

  • by Med

    Very useful, easy, free and safe software. It’s really GREAT!!!!!! Many thanks to all the DVDVideoSoft staff.

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