HD1080, Unicode, Bug fixes, Cleaner.exe, Temp folder and Check for Updates

Hi All,

1. From now on our Free YouTube Download will be able to download video from YouTube in quality preset HD1080.

2. Unicode is now applicable for all YouTube programs. Now for example a German or English language user can download videos with title in any other language, for example, in Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew etc.

3. The following error: “The program was not able to create the output-file. Most problably you don’t have enough rights to create files or folders on this drive” – is fixed for the current YouTube settings and hopefully it will not bother you any more.

4. Our programs used to have Cleaner.exe. This program seemed to be suspicious to our users and it was blocked by some antivirus programs, but in fact it is just our uninstall program! That is why now we changed name of the program for DVSUnistall.exe for everyone’s convenience.

5. Temporary folder where our programs store video files downloaded from YouTube maybe easily substituted by desired folder on making some changes in Windows Registry. Please write to us for more details on this matter.

6. The button “Check for Updates” will direct you to our website page in the language used in your program.

Welcome to download updated versions:
Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
Free YouTube to iPod Converter
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter

All the updates are included in new release of Free Studio.

Users' comments

  • by branko

    Odličan program ! Hvala

  • by mr_smudger

    Strange. I try to download a clearly HD video uing Youtibe Downloader. I set the quality to max
    (1080p) and when it downloads the quality looks like standard format and not high quality? Is there a setting I am missing? This is the latest version I am using with 1080P support.

  • by To Mr_Smudger

    Please post the YouTube link here, we will try it

  • by fabian

    Please youtube to mp3 convert to FLAC Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • by mary

    good site

  • by Zorro

    >>> Please youtube to mp3 convert to FLAC Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee


  • by kidukitake

    when will you guys fix the burner an windows seven prob.?

    • by admin

      I hope we’ll release burners for windows 7 in January

  • by Unable

    Just cant open the new version dont know why
    I have windows7

  • by deian

    Indeed, as Mr_Smudger said, saved FullHD (1920*1080) videos from YouTube seem to have a bad quality. The most players on my PC display a rate of about 4Mbps and I don’t know where does it come
    from – whether from youtube or an unchanged setting in your software. As far as I know 4Mbps is acceptable for 1280*720 HD, but not for the FullHD (it needs at least 10-15 Mbps for a good quality). I hope you’ll solve the problem soon.

  • by

    I am in the start stage of setting up the free studio and would like to know about the module setup
    for a home application

  • by 54

    silert dexz

  • by philip

    Can you Please get rid of the artwork thingy on the youtube to mp3 converter as it is very irritating

  • by nebu

    hi,i download free studio but free youtube download is not is give me box write adress 00000000,pls how can i fix

  • by Julio

    download free studio and too give me box write error of violation at adress 00000000 read adress 00000000 please help me

  • by T Smith

    Yeah i get the adress 00000000 thing also, its really annoying and i have tried fixing it plenty of times, tried emailing and nothing, if someone could reply on how to fix this i would greatly appreciate it, thanks

  • by memory violation error

    Just pointing out that I got same error in name, after installing a new version of Youtube video downloader over an older version. If that’s what you did, i would recommend uninstalling first. Then reinstall. Solved it for me.


  • by celio

    muito bom site.

  • by giorgos68

    i have the same problem …some hq videos download in low quality .can we fix it?

  • by RAddled

    I have your package and when I tried to edit a clip from You Tube it said “video codec is not supported”. What does this mean and how can I cure it? Thanks

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