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  • by Wayne Strickland

    I installed 5.0.10 and now it does not work. All I get is the hour glass and unresponsive. Seems something about the upgrade conflicts with my system.

    • by admin

      Hi Wayne! Please, describe your problem in details. Did any error messages appear? Describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.

  • by David Olson

    I can’t rip the audio from the video. How can I make it do so? Whenever I download it, all I get is the video.

  • by richard s

    the new 5.0.10 does not let me choose to download to avi..Whats up with that…

    • by admin

      Hi Richard! You select in the program Save as -> Original, but if you want to get .avi, you should select Converted. Then you will find the preset for converting to .avi.

  • by dh-m66

    شكرا لكل من ساهم في وضع هذه البرامج المفيدة

  • by Nimar

    I can’t download from free you tube with the down loader …It says wrong video ditection??? whats up with that…??? I got the update as recommended

    • by admin

      Hi Nimar! Would you post here some links for tests, please.

  • by ud uday shah

    very good ……

  • by OriT

    Hi, First off I adore your programs since music is the soundtrack of my life. But Im having major problems with the Free Youtube to MP3 converter: After adding the URLs, I click DOWNLOAD and it goes unresponsive causing me to end the program. I tried restarting my computer, then I deleted the program and downloaded it from here again and nothing, it still goes unresponsive. Is there something wrong with the program? Please let me know how to fix it since other programs in the web really suck compared to yours.
    Thank you!!

    • by admin

      Hi OriT! Please, describe your problem in details. What version of the program are you using? Do any error messages appear? Does it happen with all links?

  • by jerome ogochukwu

    hi i lik dis site and i will lik 2 download a site youtubemp3

  • by Jon Rosenberger

    When I select vids to download on utube they show up in my download q as a playlist containing the same vid 4 times and then it downloads it 4 times, i can manually deselect 3 of em but it is a pain.

    I am using the autopaste from clipboard feature. I have played with the options but nothing seems to apply to this issue. I am on 3.0.2 currently build 620 but all of the 3 dot programs have done this.

    • by admin

      Hi Jon! Did you try to download links whithout unsing autopaste option. Please register here and send me a message. The subject should indicate “From Jon for Helene”. I’ll send you further instructions.

  • by tradpro

    When I copy a video url from youtube and paste it in the youtube downloader 3.0.2, the size always reads 0 KB. Then when i click on “download” it says “Download failed: Video downloading error”. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you very much.

    • by admin

      Hi tradpro! The current version of the program is 3.0.3. Please follow this instruction:
      1. go to Start->All programs->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall;
      2. download and install the latest version of Free YouTube Download.
      Could you inform me about result?

  • by tom g

    cool! kudoos youtube.

  • by chloe


  • by christian

    hello there do you have a youtube downloader to mpeg converter

    • by admin

      Hi christian! Yes, you can use our preset editor in the program Free YouTube Download and create the preset which you need.

  • by ken

    Hi, admin My youtube converter doesn’t work.. I try downloading something, but it always says spam>url> too short or something.. if you want to see a screenshot , i’d gladly be happy to screenshoot it for you.

  • by Roshandra

    Hi there

    Well got a problem here i cant fix.
    I always use Youtube to mp3 converter and i love it .
    But it doesnt work anymore. I installed the free studio and even there it doesnt work.
    When i paste the url it doesnt give the Title / artist , but some weird text .
    And when i download that , in the end it says : Cant download parts are missing.

    Can anybody help me out here ?

  • by johhny

    hey when i try to dowload music from youtube using free youtube to mp3 converter 3.9.40 when the song is done downloading this thing pops up and say’s it did not download some links, so i click on it to find the newest version…… and there isnt one…. ive always downloaded the newest version when i needed to but for some reason this time im not having any luck, ive tried to use this version but no luck either, it only downloads the video. i want the music. please help me if you can. thanks.

  • by John

    When I try to download a song off of youtube using the youtube to mp3 converter, I get an error and when I paste the link into the program usually it displays the title of the youtube video but this time I get
    “_ _span id=’eow-title’ class=” dir=’ltr’ title=’The title’_ The title”, and then the error message reads that it hasn’t downloaded some links. Is there a way to fix this??

  • by wayne R

    Ok so now I can download video (just like always) but with a funky progress – pain about setting the avi – BUT here’s the problem : the whole download youtube to Mp3 converter fails – total mess of tags. starts the download but fails to save any file due to errors. SO I have to down load video and then use the post download converter – NOT GOOD.

  • by indrit

    ali pasha kenge per ali pashen

  • by Osaka

    I’ve had a issue with this. When I was attempting to open the program today, my cursor said activity was “sub-busy”, but then nothing happened. When I was gonna download an older version of the program, it was loading, then it popped up just fine. I was then gonna attempt to download a YT video, but when I pasted the link, it became unresponsive. I tried to exit, but it didn’t work, but that was when I got an error message saying that the environment was invalid. I was unknown what that meant, so I had to uninstall it and get an older version. Have you been having this issue too? If so, it might be my computer, not the program. Until then, I hope that the bug can be fixed so that I can use the new version, it has a lot of potential!

  • by eli

    when I try to download any video from youtube, I can not, because they never check out the …
    I tried to download only the audio and there was this check that never ends …
    with it, do not give anything to download.
    the version 5.0 was so good!
    5.1.1 comsegui this not download anything, and for two days trying without success!

  • by eli

    when I try to download any YouTube video by copying and pasting the link, I can not, because the check never ends.
    I tried to download just the mp3 audio and is checking the URL.
    with that version 5.1.1 is not working to download resources.
    even after an hour waiting for such verification, it was still there.

  • by eli

    close the window when I try to download free youtube, the following message appears:

    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.
    Method not found: ‘Boolean System. Threading. WaitHandle. WaitOne(Int32)’

    to get close and have to click several times to Quit.

  • by Nitsud

    Oh…I can’t seem to …Um… “Mass” Download anymore ( Download multiple files at once.) :c
    I guess that was suppose to be removed I assume?

  • by Dolina Villedo

    Hey! i’m having problems witht eh Youtube programs. Specifically the YT download,mp3 converter,to iphone,to ipod,and to dvd. That’s 5 programs. i tried to ‘fix’ them (fix components) BUT it didnt work.i tried restarting,it didnt work too. what’s the problem?

    • by admin

      Hi everybody!
      We have release new updates. The latest versions are Free Studio 5.1.2, Free YouTube Download 3.0.7, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.10.2. We continue to fix problems with youtube software. Please, install the latest updates and leave feedback!

  • by Erick

    I like the other version better ):
    this one is all wierd.

  • by DElilah

    how do i get this new one into my computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Hamilton

    Hi admin,I experienced the same problem most folks expressed here, but it’s all resolved now following your instruction;it’s now functioning perectly just like God “commanded”…lol. Thanks a bunch!

  • by Gabrielle

    This new version DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO DOWNLOAD IN AVI. There is NO preset for “converted” as one admin suggested. You can only choose between original you tube, MP4, or AVI and AVI does NOT work. Please fix this.

    • by admin

      Gabrielle, please, describe your problem in details. What program and what version of it are you using? Did any error messages appear?
      Describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.

  • by Jockin Jay

    You guys forgot to add the album art to the program 😛
    Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait for a newer improved version, and hopefully when you guys get it right this time you will KEEP IT THAT WAY… I’m scared to buy the upgraded versions cause the free ones stop working every few weeks!

  • by daniel

    the youtube to mp3 converter is not working, it says download failed video detection error

  • by Q

    thank u for every thing … !! but i have problem now !! thats when i download the links from the youtube to mp3 … its give me ( Download failed : Video downloading error ) !!

  • by aaron

    everyone seems to be getting the “video detection error” on Youtube to MP3 conversions. Any word on a fix?

  • by Oscar

    Well, after MANY times of uninstalling and re-installing it FINALLY works. I installed the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.10.2. first, then the Free Studio 5.1.2, Free YouTube Download 3.0.7. That seemed to do the trick…*knock on wood*

  • by dameian

    Hi av a blackberry an am trying to download ur programs an nothing seem to b going on I notice
    Most ur programs r for iphone wat about blackberry

  • by Frank

    My youtube to mp3 converter is not working.

  • by Brody

    With the new software, it gives me the audio AND the video. Is there any way to receive just the audio?

  • by Robin

    hey admin,
    when I try to download a youtube video with the youtube to mp3 converter I always get an mp4 file so instead of music I get a video. I looked in your answers above but did’nt found anything that could help me. could you help me, I have the latest version v3.10.5 722 but still it continous to download the video and not the mp3.

    grts. Robin and many thanks

  • by Ali

    I’m having the same problem as Daniel. The youtube to mp3 converter is not working.

  • by Ross

    Have version 3.10.5 build 722 and I keep getting video detection error. Have redownloaded 3 times and still don’t work. Is it just youtube changing things or a problem with the version I have.

  • by MikeApa

    Please Admin…………..I just finished downloading and installing Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter Version 3.10.5 …… then I downloaded my mp3 file from the YouTube URL just like the previous version (3.9.40) way………….but somehow it ended up with the mp4 or avi file and not the mp3 audio…………than I checked the output format and no wonder…………all output formats are video files…….no audio!……..have I done something wrong or missing something to just download the MP3 audio file and not the video?? PLEASE HELP!!……..wish I could use the previous version…….very simple and on point……thanks!!!!!!

  • by Jockin Jay

    Youtube to Mp3 (3.10.5) doesn’t work either, keeps saying “Download .net” even though I’ve downloaded it like 10 times.

  • by Lee

    I was having some of the same problems as a lot of the people above. I deleted all the individual programs and downloaded the complete suite(full studio). No more problems this is hands down the best program paid or free I have been able to find. I do a lot of media work for friends and this studio has replaced a lot of complicated crap software I had. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • by Josh

    Almost every video i try to get from youtube….both MP3 & IPOD all seem to same either video detection error or someone else’s material..

  • by phil

    the youtube to mp3 converter is not working, it says download failed video detection error

  • by Freyja

    I have just re-downloaded the Free you tube downloader for the 3rd time in a week and I still keep getting the same message when i try to download a video: Download failed: Video detection error. I have tried to download several different videos and this is the message I get everytime. What can be done to fix this?

  • by Rachel

    I’ve used this program for a while now, and then I updated. What happened first was that when I moved the DVD… file to my “My Music” folder, all my music & videos ever downloaded disappeared. I no longer have a problem with this and have started re-downloading everything again. But then recently, when I try downloading anything, it fails, saying there is a “Video detection error”. Can you fix this? My friend who also had the same problem says that you guys emailed her back, when she emailed a complaint, saying it has something to do with youtube, and your trying to fix it. But now it’s working for her and not for me. Why is this?

  • by Bornung1

    Free youtube downloader v.3.0.10 build 722

    I works great for me 🙂 amazing piece of software, thanks alot. I have to spend 19$ to get more speed and the option to download multiple files.

    My system: Windows7 home premium x64

  • by Alex

    Well I have been using DVD Video Soft for many years now. But until recently it wouldnt download any You Tube videos. I decided to re-install the program but an error message keeps popping up that I need a “.NET Framework” in order to continue. Now I already had it, but I clicked yes anyways and re-installed the framework. But after doing this multiple times, DVD Video soft wont install and wont work. I really want to fix this issue so that I may keep using the wonderful software.

    • by admin

      Hi Alex! This thread may be helpful for you. Please, post there.

  • by TF

    Since upgrading to 5.0.13 version, I am unable to download any videos from YouTube. What is up with that? Do I need to give up on DVD or do you have a fix for the problem? Thanks.

  • by Ally

    it does not work for me right now ):

  • by Pamela

    YouTube to mp3 Converter

    Yes, I know this page is for YouTube download, but I have to comment somewhere.
    Please could you include a ‘discard original video’ option in the ‘YouTube to mp3 Converter’ because it isn’t required if one only wants the Mp3.
    Otherwise, we would use the video downloader instead…. and now my music folder has videos in that my Media Player picks up on and plays as well as the audio file.
    I did wonder why my downloaded music played twice..!
    Sorry if this sounds picky, but I preferred the older format of that particular app.

    hugs and well wishes

    • by admin

      Hi Pamela! What version of the program do you have on your PC? When you have the version 3.10.6 build 727, please go to options -> output and check if you have marked “Save original YouTube files”. Uncheck this option. When you use the older version, please update your program.

  • by Eriador

    And its still not working.

    What now or mighty Admin 🙂
    Help us solve this problem.

    i already posted a request 🙂

    • by admin

      Eriador, first of all please check your version. The actual versions are Free Studio 5.1.5, Free YouTube Download 3.0.11, Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter 3.10.6. When you use actual versions and the program still causes problems, go to Options (main window of the program) – Advanced and unselect the “Enable cookies support” box. Try to download some links again.

  • by faranrenais

    hi i have been using your youtube to mp3 downloader for years now and all of a sudden with the latest version 3.10.5 it has started to malfunction I keep receiving the “video detection error”. Ive read on other forums that youtube has changed something with videos on their site (something to do with cosmic panda) so I’m wondering if you are developing something to address this issue? Thanks for your great products. I would like to hear back soon.

  • by Be

    Uh yeah, I’m having the same problems as everyone else I can’t download anything at all from YouTube. I hadn’t downloaded the new one so I did and now I just can’t download anything. The video info after I paste the URL will say 0kb and if I do click “download” all it ever says is “Download failed: Video downloading error” and I’ve uninstalled it and re-installed it several times now.

  • by Greg

    Free YouTube Download 3.0.10 build 722 brings up an error message stating “Current version of program not support downloading via RTMP protocol” when I attempted to download a video off AniplexUS’s channel.

  • by shane

    This upgrade sucks man i like the the old way it doesnt work the same and its to slow id rather the other way the old way .

  • by annita

    I have just re-downloaded the Free you tube downloader for the 3rd time in a week and I still keep getting the same message when i try to download a video: Download failed: Video detection error. I have tried to download several different videos and this is the message I get everytime. What can be done to fix this?

    i also get this..

  • by Awsomenick3

    Ive got the same problems, whenever i put a url in the video download list, it ALWAYS says “Unknownquality” where i should be able to change if i want it mp3 or not, happens with youtube to video, mp3, and i havent tried IPOD yet, when i try to download it, ERROR.

  • by omar

    I need help! When i try to use the youtube to ipod software and i try to download a video i get downloading error and same with the youtube to mp3. and ive updated which is what caused all this to occur.

  • by Jazz

    Hey, I have an older version of the FreeStudio, and it keeps telling me to update it. However, when I come on here and click on the download links, none of them seem to work. I was wondering whether that was an internet error or something up with the site? It’s just my old version will no longer let me download anything and when it does, it comes up with the red error messages.
    Thanks guys!

  • by Jekyll

    When I download a youtube vid, it says Quality Unknown and fails to download.

  • by Be

    Nope still all the same problems. Video Error, 0kb showing up next to the video.

  • by pawel

    hey,i have a question,i’ve downloaded the latest versions of youtube to mp3 converter but it downloads the hole video when i only want the audio i’ve looked everywere and i cant find anything that would change that .so i was hoping that you could help me out.

    • by admin

      @ pawel, we advise you to uninstall the programs and download the latest versions from our website:
      1. Go to: Start => All Programs => DVDVideoSoft => Uninstall
      2. Download the latest version from the website.

  • by James

    Hey, I Downloaded The recently released FreeStudio and now i can’t download anything off of youtube. I normally Use youtube to MP3 but no matter what video i ever try to download it always comes up

    Download Failed: video Downloading Error

    I’ve tried multiple videos, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the programme, so is there anything that can fix it

  • by Sohair Khan

    Im so happy! Thankyou so much!!!

  • by chidi

    i want to download music from youtube but is not working pls can someone help me out.

  • by Parrot86

    what about Win7 64bit? i don’t get it

    • by admin

      @ Parrot86
      Please, describe your problem in details. What program and what version of it are you using? Did any error messages appear?
      Describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.

  • by Nasty

    Hi The new version Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.10.7.
    we can not download music at all, or a song.
    Writes that error detection.
    Ustarsich version I did not have a problem

  • by Kate

    Using free youtube download v.3.0.12 build 804 but this fails every time I go to actually download a video, stating “check proxy settings”.

    • by admin

      @ Kate and vicky
      The actual version of the program is 3.0.13 build 815. Open the YouTube program and go to Options – Advanced. Unselect the box “Enable cookies support”. Try to download a couple of videos now!

  • by hmc Nb

    I just reinstalled FreeStudio (to version 5.1.7), and I’ve found that I can’t paste URLs at all. Nothing happens. What happened?

    • by admin

      Dear users,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      If you have encountered the following error message: Download Failed: Video Detection Error, please follow this instruction:
      1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version. The latest versions are the following:
      Free Studio 5.1.7;
      Free YouTube Download 3.0.13 build 815;
      Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.10.8 build 815;
      Free YouTube to iPod Converter 3.10.8 build 815.
      If you still get error messages on the latest version, follow step 2.
      2. Go to Options (main window of the program) – Advanced. Unselect the “Enable cookies support” box. Close the program and reopen it. Try to download again.
      If you still get error messages, follow step 3.
      3. Try to load the video till the end in your browser. Only then paste it into the program.

  • by Neuza

    Não consigo fazê-lo copiar o link e baixar o vídeo para MP3 do youtube

  • by vicky

    i need a proxy # how can i get one

  • by admin

    @Neuza, por favor, sigue esta instrucción:
    1. Uninstala Free Studio. Sigue a Inicio ->Todos los programas ->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall
    2. Después descarga e instala la versión actualizada del programa.
    Ejecuta el programa, sigue Opciones… – Avanzado – desactiva la opción ”Activar el soporte de cookies”
    Trata de usar el programa otra vez.

  • by hmc Nb

    I have tried everything you have said (steps 1-3). I have the latest version of everything. I have unselected the “enable cookies support” box. I tried to load the video and then even played it through before pasting and nothing has worked on the Youtube Download. I have managed to get it to work as such on the Youtube to MP3 Converter.

    What should I do next?

  • by hmc Nb

    I have figured it out. The program does not work when the URL is an https. This was the problem I was having, and I just tried it using the plain http URL. It’s working, albeit a bit slowly. However, as these are long videos, I can understand that.

    Thank you for your help

  • by nomer

    yes i want a youtube dowloader

  • by hussain


  • by Jian

    Do you have programs for Mac? 🙂

    • by admin

      Hi Jian! We have not a version of our programs for MAC (only for windows OS). We are planning MAC OS support, but meanwhile we cannot promise when. Try to use a program CrossOver Mac to run win applications on MAC.

  • by td_g

    I recently downloaded the most recent version of the Youtube to MP3 convertor, but now I can’t even download anything at all.

    Each time I paste a video, I click the blue button and start the download. A few seconds later, it says “video downloading error”. I click the “learn more” button and it says “video downloading error”. What happened? How can I fix this?

    • by admin

      Hi, if you experience problems with the program, would you please submit a request about it at our Help Desk?

  • by Brandon T.

    My problem is the same as td_g. I just downloaded the newest version of the youtube to mp3 converter but i get the “video downloading error” message. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • by BT

    I get the same thing as td_g. I did *not* update, but suddenly started getting this with I believe versio n3.11.23 or .22 or something. Then I updated to 3.11.26 but no love. Uninstalled totally, Reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. Maybe youtube changed something?

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