Free Studio 5.3.5 Just Released!

Try all improvements and enjoy conversion with NVIDIA CUDA technology enabled in all converters:
YouTube downloading programs: problems with download of short links are solved, fixes on playlists download, import to iTunes is fixed;
Free Audio CD Burner and Free DVD Video Converter are reworked. The latter features new presets and accepts *.vob files to convert to *.mp3;
Free Video Flip and Rotate and Free Video Dub feature multiple fixes to make the programs stable and reliable;
Free Video to MP3 Converter supports a greater variety of formats;
– Presets for PlayStation Vita are added.
Download Free Studio 5.3.5 now!

Users' comments

  • by Frank

    Good stuff from the guys … Love it

  • by Jose Luis

    Extraordinary, It seems impossible to overcome but they get in each new version.

    • by admin

      Jose Luis, please, describe your problem in details. What program and what version of it are you using? Do any error messages appear?
      Describe what you are doing step-by-step so that it is more easy to find the cause of your problem.

  • by joao eudes brownsville


    Bei meinen pc fungiert die youtube nicht mehr. Ich schlage die Seite auf aber auf der Linken Seite passiert nicht.

    Für die behebung dieses Felhers danke ich Ihnen im Voraus.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


    • by admin

      joao eudes brownsville, bitte melde dich hier an und schicke mir einen Screenshot mit der Fehlermeldung. Ich werde dir weitere Anleitungen schicken.

  • by John Hobbs

    Hi Guys, does it convert *.trp type files ?

    John Hobbs

    • by admin

      Hello John Hobbs, no, but if you send us the example of your file, may be we can include it to our supported formats. Please, register here and send a message to us.

  • by ahmad rifqie

    it so good to my phone

  • by mr-x


  • by seemvind

    sir, i want to burn-video-dvd in flash-drives, do u ave any programs for it, wish i could ave more movies in pen-drives

  • by Nicole

    I did everything I was supposed to to solve this bug, but it still persists.

    • by admin

      Hello Nicole! We are working on problems in YouTube programs further and trying to solve them.

  • by Nicole

    2 weeks ago I posted to the HelpDesk with a problem I was having with the youtube downloader (getting check your proxy error), and when I reported it along with a log file, I was told to wait for a week until a new version along with FreeStudio came out.
    Request #25675

    Just downloaded it a few minutes ago, and still getting the same check your proxy error.

  • by Desmond

    I had the Free Studio 5.3.3 version for a while and it converted my DVDs into video files without any problem. But after updating Free Studio to 5.3.5, Free DVD Video Converter now says “No DVD to convert!”. This is certainly a bug.

    My os: Win7 64bit
    CPU: Dual core Atom D525
    Ram: 4GB ddr3
    My DVD is recorded by a HandyCam. It’s a 8cm (small size) DVD btw

    • by admin

      Hello Desmond! Please, register here and send a message describing your problem. We will send you further instruction.

  • by seem

    can i request free dvd-burner from u, to write in my flash-drive

    • by admin

      @seem, you can download the program from this page.

  • by Noor

    Im having problems with pasting the YOUTUBE link into the program.. when i Click paste… nothing happens and nothing loads… any dea why?
    >> I already re-installed it about 3 times.


    • by admin

      @Noor, Mugisha, please, follow the instruction:
      1. Uninstall Free Studio:
      – go to Start->All programs->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall;
      – manually delete folders (if you have them on your pc):
      C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft
      C:Program FilesCommon FilesDVDVideoSoft;
      2. Download and install Redistributable package;
      3. Download and install the latest version of Free Studio.

  • by jman19038

    I’ve been online since the time when “56K” was considered a huge leap in download speed, so I have seen plenty of freeware come, and mostly, go. . Your suite is BY FAR the most useful utility of its kind and I would consider it “must have”for any kind of media download and conversion. It has the look and feel of a high end paid program and combines simplicity with more advanced options for experienced users. Kudos to your entire team!

  • by Thea

    It’s just super!!!! thank you

  • by Mugisha

    Can you guys please check the youtube programs again because none of them since to work. All I see is the error when I paste a link the download list. the problem started after updating to the new version!

  • by Andie Marx

    Why this software is not working on my computer? I can’t open Screen Capture in dvdsoft. It says error.

    • by admin

      @Andie Marx, please, register here and send the screenshot with the error message.

  • by Li-Li

    Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for this great software and for making it completely free! So far I’ve used it to resize photos, download from You Tube and convert videos to play on my iPod – it’s worked perfectly each time. I’ve also recommended it to my friends. Thank you and please keep up the great work 🙂

  • by Jack

    you are simply the best

  • by BassRunnerrr

    Youtube to mp3 still giving me crap, When i hit the download button it starts, but then turns to the yellow hazzard sign. Dam youtube, there out to stop this. Can you guys fix it?” VIdeo downloading error(red) Lean more(yellow)

    • by admin

      @BassRunnerrr, we have updated the program. Please install the actual version. Please follow this instruction:
      1. go to Start->All programs->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall
      2. manually delete folders (if you have them on your pc):
      – C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft
      – C:Program FilesCommon FilesDVDVideoSoft
      3. download and install the latest version of Free Studio.

  • by Ed

    I am NEW at trying to downloading and burning youtube videos to disc. From what I see here–you have what I need. Do you have a step-by-step user manual/instruction manual? I have no idea how to even start this program. Please assist ASAP. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • by admin

      @Ed, you can find all guides for our programs here.

  • by Michael

    Confused. New version says it supports Youtube’s top 100 music area. Does this mean that I can download all 100 at a time, or just that the program can grab the individual files from the 100 list? Is there a playlist that has the top 100 music in it that we can add to the program and have it grab all 100 songs?

    • by admin

      @Michael, you can download all 100 songs at once. Click ‘Browse’ on YouTube, select ‘Music’, on the right you will see ‘YouTube 100’. Select the category which you want to download and click ‘Play all’. Copy the link and paste it into the program.

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