Free Studio 5.0: Last Free Software from DVDVideoSoft

Free Studio 5.0 is the last free release by DVDVideoSoft. Starting with the next major release of version 6.0 our programs will be paid. However, our fans and followers will have an opportunity get free activation code for the new commercial version of Studio 6.0.

You just need to follow our news to know about latest updates and free activation. Later on we will integrate a special page on our website where all corresponding information will be displayed.

All minor upgrades for the current version of Free Studio 5.0 are still free and available for download at

Users' comments

  • by Ainslie

    So you will announce on your rss feed when studio 6 codes will be available??

  • by Ian

    Many thanks so far.

  • by Priest

    Freeware was fantastic, why paying studio 6?

  • by Bud Dacres

    Hi folks,
    I have been meaning to ask you something for a long time now, so here goes…
    Is there anything in the stuff you have sent me with which I can download youtube videos and transform them to be viewed by Microsoft Windows Video Viewer? (I really don’t know a lot about computers, as you may see by the question) Bud Dacres

  • by Judith Elsner

    Thanks !!!!

  • by DAMerrick

    Its Ok. Your program is very good so I can understand that you want money for it. But not to much, okay? 😉

  • by Favian Jara

    Very good Programs

  • by Bouno

    I have to tell you , I’ve had Roxio 2010 and Nero Multimedia 2011, and compare to the Free Studio 5.0.3 they are all poor second and third place. This is the best I have ever used, and I built computers and consult on software to all my clients. Your “Free Studio” is the BEST and I cant wait to pay for 6.0 cause its got to be totally awesome…………..GREAT WORK PEOPLE THIS IS THE ONLY SOFTWARE ANYONE NEEDS FOR ALL THIER DVD/CD/ISO/WHATEVER……………ITS FANTASTIC………….. THEY HAVE ANY DOUBT FEEL FREE TO GIVE THEM MY EMAIL ADDRESS I WILL GLADY GIVE THEM MY PROFESSIONAL ADVISE AND REASONS WHY THEY NEED THIS PRODUCT.


  • by Richard Collins

    I will try my best!!!!!!!! :>)

  • by cris

    how to follow your news?

  • by admin

    Dear Bud Dacres,
    do you mean Windows Media Player? So, video files downloaded with Free YouTube Download must be supported by it.

  • by Garth

    Based on my needs, this is by far the most diverse all purpose media software I have used (and I’ve used many). I am a professional musician. I record live video and audio. I need to edit and convert ALL formats and often need to change formats many times depending on the final format. I can’t convert nearly as much formats with Roxio without the use of large amounts of disk space and resources it needs to operate. This is very well done software and I’m quite impressed. I only wonder what could be improved in a commercial version. I guess we’ll have to see.

  • by chris

    I have been using this software to convert my videos on my computer and I really like this software to convert my videos on my computer but in the next update to the software can you please add a HD video converter to the Ipod video converter in the software sometime soon? I have a question about the software how will I be able to get a cod to use 6.0 of the software from this site? I do not want to have to pay to use the software from this site I like the you tube down loader that is with the software on this site but my question is will I still be able to use the version of freestudio that I have now when version 6.0 of the freestudio software comes out sometime soon or will have to update to version 6.0 of the freestudio video software and how will get the code to use freestudio 6,0 when it is able to download?

  • by hung

    I’like to get a free activation code , Thanks .

  • by Tarun

    Thanks. I relay want to need video dubbing software. And also want to know how I work that software?

  • by asha

    it doesn’t works:(:(:(

  • by damo yan

    good work! i tried other softwares related to videos and music, conversions, trimmings, dubbings and the like, but this come way too good.. all other softwares i tried come second rate..with your upcoming new version, 6.0, i bet it would be better than what is best now.. come to think of it folks, this Free software is already the best for me..and it is FREE.. now, if i got to pay for the new version, then it means that what is coming up would be better than the best!!
    this time all i want to say is: HAPPY SELLING GUYS!! Your success is tailing you!! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST SOFTWARE GENIUSES!!!

  • by Linda

    Many thanks from me also. Your software suite is very easy to use and has allowed me to explore more media than I ever thought possible.

  • by Becky

    when will u announce the code

  • by pvg krishnn

    can u send me new version actionvation code

  • by Garth

    This in regards to a posting by Chris. If he needs a very good HD ipod video converter, he might look at the “Apple Devices” menu, and select “VIDEO TO APPLE TV” then select HD in the options. I’ve tried it and it worked flawlessly where another well known software locked out all activity on the computer and sometimes fails after a day and a half of converting. this did not. I’ve converted a 31/2 hour .flv to HD 720p without a single issue. It took an incredible 40 hours to do. You will need to be patient until the conversion is done. For precaution and through experience I did not log on to the Internet until after the conversion was complete. I worked “offline.”

  • by brsa

    Pay for studio 6??? But it was free! And freestudio I don’t understand….

  • by Hardy Hansen

    I am new to the sotfware and still have investigate the use of it. I like it and would like to receive the actionvation code.



  • by Stephan

    I’ll need an activation code, too!

  • by Pravin Bharne

    I’ll need an activation code.please send activatin code at my email address.

  • by Rick Blanchette

    Gentlemen All I can say is like some one has mentioned above you guys are real Geniuses.
    I live in the UK and with my cousins in Australia have tried many many programs especially for putting You Tube on to disk and have failed miserably but you free DVD Video Soft take some beating.
    So thanks guys for generating such a brilliant program.


  • by Ashley

    Nooooooo! you could at least hav e a limeted free version.

  • by LG

    I cant wait for version 6. Free Studio is a great software.Too bad it is becoming shareware. I dont wanna miss this special giveaway.

  • by DJ

    For the few of you complaining about having to pay, people deserve to be paid for their hard work. If you use this software a lot, you shouldn’t mind paying a little. I’m sure this project take hours & hours & hours of or hard work. Would you go to work for free? I don’t think so.

  • by eosdelb

    When the new version comes out make sure no toolbar hasto be installed. I will be glad to pay. No Nags and no tool bar.!

  • by neomew

    i love this software 😀
    also i hope i could get a code too plz

  • by Kingpeacock

    This softwear is very nice & i very likes it.Thanks DVDVIDEO SOFT.

  • by Monster

    I will have no problem paying for 6.0. Money well spent. Thanks for everything!

  • by Marcel

    Would like the activation code also.

    Great software, use it for years now and I always asked myself, how long will this be freeware, it’s too good!

  • by gc

    I used freevideo dub: it jumps from one part to another when I cut videos…

    I used Free Screen Video Recorder but it doesn’t really work well, because it can’t really record my PC screen in most situation like window recording, desktop recording, object recording and neither region recording. It just work so so for screen shots but (only fix singles images) not for videos. I’ll pass to another Screen recorder. So I have to pay for what???

    Free studio is Interesting (so… so…) for video convertion (flv for example)… For other stuf it is unusefull…

    And the new interface of Video studio Manager is very slow on starting. Previous versions were really better.

    So I’ll go to another video software suite for more efficient use.

  • by alf

    hi, i love all the software i gotten from your compancy. I’ll need an activation code.please send activatin code at my email address. for the new commercial version of Studio 6.0.

    Thanks, again 4 all the good software.


  • by greg

    this is sad news that it will no longer be free this is and still will be my fav freeware ever and program i found

  • by franz nahani

    I also would love to get a code from you guys and I have to say your product is the best out there.Thank you so much for it.

  • by ARG


  • by 1_novice_2

    The Freestudio has been excellent for my YouTube to mp3 conversions.Sorry to see it go paying, but I guess you have bills to pay just everyone else! But am I correct in understanding that I need to be a “Fan” on Facebook or a “Follower” on Twitter to receive the free activation code? How is this fair if I am not on either? So far I have resisted joining these social media & I can’t see signing up just to get your activation code. Please say there is another way. I won’t mind paying if everyone else does, but why should FB & Twtr people get a free pass??? I am disappointed at your preferential treatment … :>(

    • by admin

      Hi! You shouldn’t be a “Fan” on Facebook or a “Follower” on Twitter. Soon we will post information about free activation code on our website. You can subscribe to our free newsletter and be the first to know how to get one for you!

  • by Victoria

    De donde obtengo información acerca de los formatos de archivo que convierte 5.0, por ejemplo, rmvb lo convierte? porque es el formato que se usa en muchas películas cuando se bajan de la red. Gracias por la info, el programa está muyyyyy buenoooo!

    • by admin

      Cuando abres el programa y quieres navegar por archivos, puedes ver en la lista los formatos que se soportan por el programa.

  • by Amin

    Wait, so now we have to pay for version 6.0 and up? Then what’s the point naming it Free Studio?

    • by admin

      Hi, at the moment the program is free, that is why it is called Free Studio. As for version 6.0, it is still a far-away perspective when it is going to become paid. Please, do not get over preoccupied, we will inform our users about any plans.

  • by Rafael

    too bad that there’s not a mac version…

  • by jan

    I’ve upgraded & am using Free You Tube to MP3 converter version 3.10.0 build 712
    The previous version worked perfectly fine and was great but this one insists on downloading bot h the mp3 AND the actual video (which I don’t want) so it’s chewing thru my Broadband allowance!! All I want is the mp3 audio of a video.
    Format box of the converter is showing mp3.. The actual download title shows MP4 under the name of the video, if that’s any help.

  • by mando

    The free studio doesnt let me paste a url it keeps on saying (download failed : video detection error) any help on ths?

  • by Milan

    im using window7, install the latest free studio… but when i use the free youtube to mp3 its not working giving respond ” Download failed: Video downloading error” am i missing anything….
    Please help me on this…

  • by rezan

    very nice cool program!!! teşekkürler 🙂

  • by moving on

    Well, you DID have a great product. But with your greed you have ruined it! I’ll be finding another solution and will be yanking you software programs that I have installed on both my roommates and my computers and will do the same for many friends of ours whose computers I’ve installed it on, too. BYE BYE!!! PERMENANTLY!!!

  • by son


  • by Draylynn

    None of the components work, even a small video file won’t convert due to “Not enough disk space” errors, Even with several hundred gigs free.

    • by admin

      Hi Draylynn! Please, register here and send a message describing your problem. Write the following in the subject: “For Helene”

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