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  • by DVD Video Soft News

    DVD Video Soft News NEW Free Vou Tube Download Dlaczego jest w języku Angielskim,a chcąc to przeczytać w moim języku nie można tego przetłumaczyć na język polski.Co tu jest grane. Czekam na odpowiedz. Edward

    • by admin

      Edward, now we have our website in Polish. In the future we will try to inform you about all updates in Polish.

  • by l

    This new version isn’t working for me. I have tried to reinstall. Says that it didn’t download all the links?

  • by Chachi

    I just install the new verison of the free youtube converter to mp3 and it dont work at all. I keep getting a pop up that says ” the program did not download link , do you want to find the solution ? ” and I clicked yes and I install the new verison about 3 times already !

    Why do you guys always have to keep updating the program all the time? I like how it was and now it just sucks . This WAS my favorite website but now it is just giving me a hard time.

  • by tonia

    i agree. i installed the new version and it doesn’t work.Please, do something!

  • by gini

    the sofware doesn`t work anymore because you tube did somethink whit the url-link so that there is no video to download.

    • by admin

      gini, could you please post some links that do not work for you? We will test them.

  • by Yoshi

    Hey, I really love all your programs , i use them everyday for media needs. But i have one Enquiry . Make the programs more appealing. I like how you added colours to the upcoming youtube downloader. But it will attract more people and look good if it was more styled like freemake . Anyway thx for the programs

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