Changes in YouTube Hosting Routine

YouTube has introduced some changes in its hosting routine, that is why our YouTube download programs stopped working a while ago. However, we are pleased to announce that we have just fixed the problem and have updated our programs.

We advise you to hurry up and get the updated versions right now:

Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter
Free YouTube to DVD Converter

You can also update the whole Free Studio to have the latest improvements all at once.
We are expecting more updates in the coming days, please keep in touch to be the first to know!

Users' comments

  • by Ernesto

    What about BlackBerry converter?

  • by Székely Lajos

    Szeretem ezt a letöltő programot.könnyen kezelhető,kényelmes,és jó minőséget ad.

  • by why

    why i still cant download videos from youtube even though i install the new program???

  • by admin

    Ernesto and Why,
    please specify your questions and use our web help desk to submit them.

  • by Fifi

    I have been trying to download the updated version but my AVG keeps catching a malware virus from the update.. a password stealer… Any comments??? I thought this software was to be trusted

  • by admin

    maybe you need to update your antivirus software, the latest versions do not detect any threats. You can check the programs for viruses with this simple tool. If after checking the .exe file, you get any reports about viruses in the program, please, send us the links showing this and please specify from where you downloaded our programs.

  • by Lil B

    i have updated it and i still cant get things from youtube and i need to download them 4 i have a party i need music 4

  • by Lil B

    also what number is it up to ??

  • by hellrasinbrasin

    I have the same issue as Fifi our AVG is showing continuouslly that the programs here contain Malware. And as to where I download said program from I did so from your site. So what I suggest
    is that you should check the servers that the files are on as well as the files themselves to see if someone incorporated Malware into the programs and post the links here showing where you found
    them at.

  • by admin

    it is a false alarm. You can make sure that our software is safe using this simple tool. Please check the .exe file and if you get a report about virus in the program, send us the link.

  • by anelapoepoe

    I wanted to know like I want to download stuff to my iphone from youtube but the paste and others are greyed out and i cant paste on the url how am i supposed to do that. Thank you

  • by admin

    please use our web help desk and send us screenshot of program window with greyed buttons (type “for Alice” in Subject, please).

  • by evo7

    same situation!!! why i still cant download videos from youtube even though i install the new program???

  • by audry

    i downloaded the new youtube software and its not working still, it just says that there is no video contained in the link

  • by jimkar

    sometimes i download music from free you tube to mp3 converter.Now i cant do this.Youre gonna fix it to download again or i never again can


  • by aj

    I just downloaded the latest youtube to ipod converter. The only problem I had with the last version was the long time for the download to finish. Now with the new version I encountered worse. Whenever the download progress hits 10 or 15 or sometimes 20%, it resets back to 0%. I’m able to download the videos but the time to wait for it to finish has doubled, and I can’t download in batches since it automatically hangs once you put 2 urls. Please help me. I’ve been using your programs for years and this is the only time I encountered a serious problem.

  • by aj

    In addition to my comment above, I’ve tried to uninstall the program and uninstall manually th other components, then reinstall the new version but to no avail. I also tried using the old versions but they deliver the same scenario. I regularly check my computer for viruses and I double checked this time. There’s none. I’m stumped. I’ve been trying to sort this out for hours now. I’ll be glad for any feedback and hope you’ll be able to help me fix this. Thanks!

  • by LF

    why i still cant download mp3’s from youtube even though i install the new program?
    Please help me.

  • by mjj

    it’s still not working …. neither downloading yt-videos nor converting them to mp3

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