Advanced Proxy and Unicode MP3 Tags

Today we are releasing some additional important updates for YouTube tools.

We found out that Unicode was not totally implemented in our programs. MP3 Tags were not supported by Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Now this issue is fixed, and total Unicode support is present.

For Proxy Server users, now after introducing Address and Port, you can also type in your Username and Password. It is of great importance for corporate proxy server users and for paid proxy server users.

Visit to download the latest versions.

Users' comments

  • by Richard

    Nice work!

  • by steve

    thanks again…..

  • by Thea

    Thank you

  • by ante

    Hvala! :=)

  • by kiren

    just updated n now it wont work at all its coming up as acsess violation 00000000

  • by Angel

    I just updated and now it wont work all that comesu p as acsess violation 00000000 read of adress 00000000 please make a new update

  • by Xavier


  • by T Smith

    i get the same thing, hte 00000000 message… =[

  • by Anonymous

    goddamn errors >=[

  • by cilla.

    its still not working. Ugh, I want my music soo bad right now. Hurry and fix pls.

  • by ken

    just downgrade the software and then it works again,,,

  • by Angelo P

    Yea I hope this problem is fixed soon, I love using these products especially the youtube converter ones. Please have a fix for this, thanks 😀

  • by ryan

    ok this is my problem it dont play videos and where can i find a video that works on a walkman

  • by JewlerAZonq

    whether the continuation of (stink) of this topic?

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